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Advice needed on the Churchill VII

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fsdgsg #1 Posted Aug 06 2018 - 15:26


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Title says it all.

FrozenKemp #2 Posted Aug 06 2018 - 15:38


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My advice:



Drone157 #3 Posted Aug 06 2018 - 17:24

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Step 1. Sidescrape

Step 2. Make your shots count 

Step 3. Sidescrape


Might sound like a joke, but play like that and you will enjoy the tank.

Sidescraping in a city is easy and simple. Learn to sidescrape behind a small rock, using a steep hill, dead tanks, and even allies that are still alive. I you aren’t top tier, sidescrape using the top tier heavy.


Your armor and gun are good, just need to make it work as much as possible.

pepe_trueno #4 Posted Aug 07 2018 - 02:09


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church 7 is one of the worst tanks i ever played, armor is mostly flat and full of holes, bad gun, bad mobility and bad depression


armor wise sidescraping helps but the track has a hitbox with a whooping 6xmm armor so dont get your hopes up of bouncing much vs people who know it, 152mm is only in some frontal parts and mostly flat, hull and turret roof have around 20mm armor so most gun can pretty much auto pen it with ease 


gun is a joke in both alpha and penetration so you are better of avoiding going to tipical heavy brawling spots, the tanks dosent have the penetration to deal with heavy armored tanks or the damage for trading blows with other heavys.


black prince is not much better but at least the track hitbox is a bit thicker and gets some gun depression, overall churchil line is a pain in the rear until caernarvon but if you still want to go there, best advice i can give you is  go to world of tanks armor viewer and lern where the major weakspots are so you can get a better idea on what not to expose





mworthy #5 Posted Aug 08 2018 - 02:01

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the BP is better than the church VII but you are gonna struggle with this line until the tier 8.

sidscrape with it and the BP, speaking of which in the perfect positioning other than arty and the lucky gold round nothing will hurt ya in the BP but you have to be perfect in your position and only certain maps have it.

other than that the church VII is a tier 5 that can see and fight tier 8s

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