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IS6 Don't waste you hard earned money


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Revoucnav #1 Posted Aug 09 2018 - 21:06


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Recently paid almost $70 of my hard earned cash for this craptank and man am I sorry I wasted money.


I have a great crew and extras loaded

1. This tank misses shots constantly. It suffers CHS. (Cant Hit [edited]).

2. Reload time is [edited]. 

3. Premium ammo does [edited]ALL for damage and pen.

4. Turret rotation is Ridiculously  slow

But on the plus side it does have descent armor. (the only positive)

For a Russian $11000.00 gold premium tank  it is NOT a tank worth buying. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY.


This Tank is in Bad need of a Bump.

Last time I spend any money on this crapuntil its fixed 

TheBoozyItalian #2 Posted Aug 09 2018 - 21:11


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It's getting buffed. You should read reviews of tanks before you buy it, so you don't waste your money. Suggestion: Spend a little bit more time BEFORE wasting your money rather than after you did so.

Everlasting_Chungus #3 Posted Aug 09 2018 - 21:16


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The IS-6 is my favorite prem that I own. I 3 marked mine about a month or two ago and have kept it above 95% this entire time. Sure the gun is a bit wonky, but if you're good at aiming and don't try to snipe, letting the dpm work makes it a great tank. I definitely look forward to it's aim time buff and the pen buff. 

YANKEE137 #4 Posted Aug 09 2018 - 22:03


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Just a few short years ago it was the most recommended "noob proof" premium.  Then the Skorpion G debuted, the Patriot, The Liberte and the Defender.

kittikat #5 Posted Aug 09 2018 - 22:09


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RickPatton #6 Posted Aug 09 2018 - 22:25


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Research before you buy and learn the play style of that tank.  Got mine basically free and the shadow for around $14 during the special mission.  It is going to be buffed soon.  

sleeper_agent #7 Posted Aug 17 2018 - 12:26


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View PostYANKEE137, on Aug 09 2018 - 16:03, said:

Just a few short years ago it was the most recommended "noob proof" premium.  Then the Skorpion G debuted, the Patriot, The Liberte and the Defender.



ca009877 #8 Posted Oct 19 2018 - 14:20


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Bought this tank about 200 battles ago to help my win rate. This past month I was getting frustrated and annoyed that the tanks I would do well with were on the losing side over and over.  I play the KV2 and KV3 a lot so I thought my experience with Russian heavies would be a benefit.  At first the claimed better MM for a premium tank seemed evident, but my win rate has been dropping like a lead zeppelin. I can go through five battles before a victory. I am part of the problem, but seeing my teammates play the maps like it is their first time or just YOLOing is disheartening.

The_Pushok #9 Posted Oct 19 2018 - 18:47


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I love the IS-6, it is my most played tank, Great credit maker and crew trainer. The pen sucks, but not getting where you think the accuracy is bad, that thing has great accuracy, gun handling in general, which is what makes it more of a pleasure to drive than my 252u.



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