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KRZYBoop's Used Tank Emporium: Super Pershing on sale now!

Tier 8 of the week Super Pershing KRZY Tank sale Bundle

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KRZYBooP #1 Posted Aug 10 2018 - 17:03

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Howdy again! 


Thanks to El nino and climate change I happen to have acquired too many Super Pershings. They just so happen to be Tier 8 of the week!


For 33.99 you get:

2 weeks of premium

x5xp for the first 20 wins in the Supa Persh. 

A super clean garage slot for the Super Pershing.


As you can see the heat is melting my brain so hurry before I regain my composure which will be on Aug17th at precisely 0720 Eastern Time. 

_Tsavo_ #2 Posted Aug 10 2018 - 17:23


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Super Pershing is good tank if done correctly.



DO NOT RELY ON YOUR ARMOR, that is to say don't sit still, dummy.  Peek, poke, juke, wiggle, waggle, dance.  By now the armor profile is well known and the areas you can reliably pen the thing aren't difficult to find.  So if you're the type to sit still and rely on armor: don't.  The gun is more than fine enough to hit -and pen- things while you're juking to make yourself harder to it.


YOU ARE NOT A HEAVY, don't go where heavies go unless you're a top tier facing off against other pref 8s or tier 7 heavies.  Non pref 8 heavies and 9s will butter you.  Same for 8 and 9 TDs.  You will be turned into a soft margarine by them.  Possibly to be used on steaks.


YOU ARE A MEDIUM, go punch other mediums in the face.  Bully them.  Same tier and 9 mediums will find you a little difficult.  Some 9 mediums can pen you easily, but if you're using hills, angles, and terrain properly, you can make life tough for them.  Pref 8 and less mediums?  They have lunch money.  Go take it from them.


YOU ARE NOT FAST, plan your routes accordingly.  You have 30 seconds of countdown to gauge what you're facing and on what map.  You should know your game plan by the time the timer's up.  Read the map with extreme diligence, a delayed reaction to needing to go somewhere else will result in your defeat.


This is not a tank for everyone, but if you like being a medium/light bully, this is a fairly solid vehicle.




I quite enjoy mine.

Undertanker15 #3 Posted Aug 10 2018 - 17:32


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Well said... I learned something from your post Tsavo


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MagillaGuerilla #4 Posted Aug 10 2018 - 17:40


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And your glacially slow speed will make you a prime arty target. 

heavymetal1967 #5 Posted Aug 10 2018 - 18:14


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SuperP thread needs a theme song.


Great song, band, film and soundtrack.


TAI_Von_Budd #6 Posted Aug 11 2018 - 16:00


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+1 for the excellent summary. The big clue there is this tank demands strategy. You don't just plod on hoping to get somewhere to deal the pain. Also, as mentioned, you are pretty tough frontally, but have some well know spots that are easy to pen if you can't peek, boom, dance, and shimmy. Then there are your sides. You really don't want to cross open areas, where you may be exposing your sides. There you are buttery regardless if you are top tier. Don't dream about being top tier, but if you play this tank right, the bonus is she is a cash earning cow. I recently clipped 160k and took home over 100K 'cause I had to liberally apply APCR (bought and paid for with all the silver this slayer generates, I mean who has to spend gold?).

For me this tank's #1 purpose is making credits and #2 is training my US Med crews. With this, the Thunderbolt, Patton KR, and the Ram III, my T9 and T10 US Med crews can rake in the X3/4/5 days. None of them have their own crew and if they came with one, they are enjoying the barracks till I find a lower tier US tank I want to revisit.

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Relectric #7 Posted Aug 14 2018 - 20:05


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just rebought the t26e4 and i felt directly in it (i sold my "old" t26e4 for a full goldrefund after the "re-balancing").i missed this tank.it "can" forgive you failures, but you can never count on that.

its still a great tank, i dont know why this tank is getting more "buffs". the old super-pershing was great with "just" 170 pen, now this thing has 192 pen and is getting 202 pen. i think this tank is one of the best t8 premiums for beginners.

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