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Crew is Crucial: Discounts & Missions!


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RBSPWAW #21 Posted Aug 13 2018 - 13:44


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View PostDiacom, on Aug 13 2018 - 01:15, said:


What is this load of horse manure?


Gold only training and resets? I swear you guys are the biggest bunch of morons!! No one asked for gold anything, we want the regular azz sales for credits like it should be.  It's just damn pathetic you guys can't even get your discounts correct.  It's been quite some time since crews training and resets have been on sale for credits.  Get your heads out and do it right.

Speak for yourself.  I WAS waiting for the gold discount. 

Cowcat137 #22 Posted Aug 13 2018 - 14:50


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I still have a lot of no skill crews, so I dropped Free XP on finishing up a lot of commanders on their 6th sense.  Appreciated and well worth it!

FrankenStein_HR #23 Posted Aug 13 2018 - 16:47


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View PostJambijon, on Aug 11 2018 - 23:00, said:

Attention Tankers,


From Aug. 11th to 13th (04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET) you'll have a chance to take advantage of the following:

Guess i mis read the dates on this one, thought we had till aug13 (today) 7:20et to complete "Mission: Crew is Crucial #1" but its no longer available in my garage missions ...


oh well, was a good deal so hopefully ill make the next one ;)


thanks for the fun game :)

FrontenacDuVandoo #24 Posted Aug 13 2018 - 21:33


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View PostWIZD, on Aug 13 2018 - 02:33, said:


You have to complete mission #2 three times for it to reset mission #1. Mission #2 can be done three times per day so #1 can be done 2x per day. You have to complete #2 3 times before you can do #1 again.


My mission #1 didn't reset after getting the boosters on Saturday.

I played on Sunday and got 3 more tokens, the counter on mission #1 was showing 6 of 3 tokens so I didn't get any more reward out of that mission.


Did you manage to get many set of boosters?

Major_Mayhem_69 #25 Posted Aug 14 2018 - 00:02

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View PostYANKEE137, on Aug 13 2018 - 05:50, said:

I still have a lot of no skill crews, so I dropped Free XP on finishing up a lot of commanders on their 6th sense.  Appreciated and well worth it!


:) What I did was use some of those bonds from last weekend to run 6th for the time being, together w/ boosters and the 2x crew bonuses, and was able to finish up one crew for 6th, and another for BIA.

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