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Battle of Kursk Missions not Appearing

Battle of Kursk In-Game Bug?

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Leafstar #1 Posted Aug 12 2018 - 01:49


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Hello community,


I have been following this event from when it started, and I have been trying to do as many missions as I can so that I can earn this T-34S, and despite having a busy schedule, I am within 4 days of actually getting the tank - yay! However, I have been noticing that for the past several days, the missions have not been properly loading for me. I can see my progress tracker when I hover over the tab, however, when I click on the tab for more information and to actually see what the mission for the day is, it shows up as "Loading Content" and then it just goes blank, and it does not load. Has anyone else been having this issue, and what are some ways to fix it? 


Thank you!

bluenose711 #2 Posted Aug 12 2018 - 02:45


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I had this exact problem last week for about 4 consecutive days. When WoT updated the problem disappeared. When I had this problem I sent my Grille in for my first match of my day and asked my teammates what today's Kursk mission was. Wish I could offer more help to you, its pretty frustrating. 

riff_ #3 Posted Aug 12 2018 - 03:05


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I had the "Loading Content" up for about a 90 to 120 seconds the past few days but, It did load in.



Received the T34S today and played one game in the tank.  Mezza mezza.  From looking at the stats I believe that I shall like playing the T-34 moor



SGTZIM #4 Posted Aug 12 2018 - 19:14


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I am having same issue both yesterday and today. Never does load. Sure would be nice to know what I am aiming for and be able to check my progress. I should be close to getting some free premium time.


Spambaked #5 Posted Aug 15 2018 - 00:28


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I've been having this problem for the last few days.  Sometimes it will populate the screen but most times not.  No rhyme or reason so far.  Not my antivirus or firewall since it intermittently works.  Restarting the game will sometimes make it work.  A royal pita.

JokersWyld #6 Posted Aug 21 2018 - 02:10


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Mine's been like this for a couple weeks now...

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