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Rank 15... League II

ranked season 2

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jst2gr8 #41 Posted Aug 14 2018 - 06:04


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View PostMonarchco, on Aug 13 2018 - 17:56, said:


I think the camo is kewl :medal:


The camo is lame! There is barely any difference between the three leagues of camo. The only real difference is the badges on the sides. Other thn that there is a little bit more orange in league 1 than 2 and there is no orange on league 3's camo. Kinda of sad and thoughtless if you as me. 

P0NYTANK #42 Posted Aug 14 2018 - 17:24

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wut wut, so salty as usual WoT, never change :girl:


The point of this thread was for those players (me and others) that works and have no time to rank like some of the Neets around here, because at the end, those that work become from players to users of the services of WG (You know what i mean wg??) :B


Anyway, the reallity of Ranked its Simply, if MM want to screw you, you'll going to sufer, 60% of my games were "Chevron Retained", luckily i got 4 good games and teams on row and i end reaching League I at R17, like most of us, just need to be blessed by MM to Keep Fighting, remember "MM tightens but does not hang" (Most of the time)



So, WG consider those that work please, make Rank 15 automatically qualify you for League I, that would be a good inscentive to those that spend money and time here!, anyway, the prizes are more cosmetic than anything else :great:


Well GL, HF <3


steelandpain #43 Posted Aug 14 2018 - 21:54

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I was one chevron, and one point away from Silver league. Sad.


In terms of reaching rank 15, and still not being in Gold league, Wargaming always rewarded players for spending more time playing WOT, in pretty much every event, so that's nothing new.

largeelvis #44 Posted Aug 14 2018 - 22:07


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If you didnt make rank 1-3, no rewards from ranked battles? Only made rank 7, didnt have a ton of time to play it this season.

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