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event panzer germany tank

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RenegadeSlayer #1 Posted Aug 19 2018 - 03:38


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Hello fellow players, my name is RenegadeSlayer and I have been playing wargaming games for years and I appreciate all the stuff that they have done with the events on the PC game mode. Recently we experienced the Battle of Kursk campaign to win a T-34 Shielded tank which sort of lives up to players expectations( besides being the main targets for arties over and over) but I would like to share my suggestions for a new event in world of tanks.


I am pretty sure we remember all of the sturmtiger easter eggs that wargaming puts in their world of tanks games. It would be nice to have it in the game but the reason why wargaming never put this beast in the game is because its reload takes 20 minutes...(how frustrating)...But no one ever mentions the sturmtigers little brother, the sturmpanzer 4 Brummbar which was used just like the sturmtiger. I would love it if wargaming made a special event for this tank one day. I will try my best to inform fellow players of the details on this tank and how the event will be like.


The Brummbar tank is a german tank that is usually half tank destroyer and half artillery.(I would like to see it as a tank destroyer more than an arty) The tank would be a tier 5 german tank destroyer with a tier 5 150 mm StuH 43 L/12 cannon that will have a 9.03 ROF(rate of fire) and have a HE shell pen of 74 and a HEAT pen of 135. Its radio equipment will not be the best by only having a tier 3 FuG 5 radio since the tank is used for close range and not at a distance. It's engine will be the tier 4 Maybach HL 120 TR, which is the same engine that is on the panzer 4 H, and will have tier 5 Sturmpanzer 4 Brummbar treads.


The tank will be a bit of a weird setup in defense. It's armor rating will be 100 MM of sloped armor in the front which will be extremely helpful when dealing with higher tier vehicles, 30MM on the sides, 20 MM in the back, and 10MM on the top of the tank. It would have 400 hit points to make sure that it takes in a small beating before going down. The tank would also consist of 5 crew members: a commander, a gunner, two loaders, and a driver. The tank will also be able to go to a decent 40 top speed and have a traverse speed of 35.


The tank would also feature some weak spots because the tank does infarct share the panzer 4 hull which might make that a weakspot to tier 5 guns and up, but that will usually be the only weak spot which means this tank will be best when used hulled down. Not to worry though because its tier 5 gun can usually 1 shot most tanks at its tier with a 400 HE shell damage and a 270 HEAT damage. Basically it has a gun similar to the panzer 4 derp but with better pen, reload, and better he damage, but less HEAT damage to balance it out a bit. As long as you can defend the weakspot then you can use its great gun to your advantage.


I was thinking about what event setting this tank should get. Battle of Kursk was the set up for the T-34 shielded which makes lot's of sense because it was a major battle fought by the russians that was key to victory...The Brummbar mainly saw use during the Battle of Normandy and usually gave the allies a tough time when it came to firepower. I decided that the name for this event would be "The Defense of Normandy" and would contain 25 missions that would have to be completed in 40 days. Only US, UK, and German tanks would be able to compete in these objectives but German tanks would be able to complete a mission faster due to Germany being the main nation for this event(example: win 500 xp in a match in german tank= 800 xp for the mission progression.)


The mission rewards would be a random mix between camos, silver, boosters, and consumables with the final mission rewarding the player with the brummbar tank, 100% crew, and a garage slot. first mission would have the player needing to earn 2500 xp in a match, second with 5000, third with 7500, fourth with 10K fifth with 12.5K etc. Some of the missions will have bonus objectives such as destroy 3 US tanks or land 5 penetrating hits in a row which will reward the player with a better reward such as equipment, bonds(maybe) better boosters, and more silver.


I hope that this event will become a true thing because having a might tank such as the brummbar in this game could bring much more of a challenge in the lower levels and a chance for new players to play the game as well, happy tanking commanders!




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GeorgePreddy #2 Posted Aug 19 2018 - 04:33


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Good luck with that.









_Gungrave_ #3 Posted Aug 19 2018 - 05:02


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Closest you'll ever get is the Karl event which they only ever did once for some strange reason despite it being one of the more popular events.

FrozenKemp #4 Posted Aug 19 2018 - 13:59


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These vehicles would be nigh impossible to balance so... No.

sleeper_agent #5 Posted Aug 20 2018 - 16:05


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aint happening

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