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Tanks Get Stuck on Hills

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Acepilot590 #1 Posted Sep 10 2011 - 22:39

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On almost every map there are hills that have a short edge that can be climbed for a foot before you are stoped. BUT in these same spots a tank tacking a corner or moveing too close to the edge at high speed will get stuck on the hill and/or rock face and any attempt to move is blocked by the invisable wall. So in a sence you are a wriggling worm waiting to be plucked at by enemy fire. This 'GLITCH' is very present when using the A-20 and T-28 (or at least for me) and an odd acurance is present with the A-20 when shot at and close to these spots will be forced into them. So PPPPPLLLLEEEEZZZZ  :huh: Fix this PPLLLZZZ

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