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game keeps crashing with and without mods

alt tab crashes crash crashing sick of this bs make it stop

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mxshorty1 #21 Posted Aug 30 2018 - 15:48


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i have found out after a certain windows 10 update it was recommended to reset your bios after doing this i have been playing world of tanks all morning without a single crash

Tophatfire #22 Posted Aug 31 2018 - 00:35


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Submitted a ticket and had an especially, epically bad "support" experience that started out bad and only got worse.  The first rep clearly didn't even actually read the ticket; the second gave me instructions based on World of Warplanes.  After a string of unhelpful "fixes" that demonstrated they didn't know what they were doing and didn't really care either I finally gave up.  The game is unplayable and seldom makes it through a battle without crashing.


So game is now uninstalled after 7 years, during which I spent over $1000.


Bye, Felicia. 

3nr0n #23 Posted Aug 31 2018 - 20:47

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I had issues with the in game store and submitted a ticket to "Customer Support" and they had me do all kinds of things even had a tool to check the game.  I found a solution through the forums and thought that since WG is in the business to make money a good solution to technical issues would be worth a free pixel tank to both myself and the person who posted the solution but they rejected the offer and told me basically to have a good day.


It seems that the customer support team does not even check the forums to see what is going on because if they did then they would have know about the simple fix that has been posted multiple times.


It's their business and since that is the way they want to operate so be it.


If you were running the company would you accept the offer to barter a premium tank for a easy solution that would help keep you paying customers happy and willing to spend their hard earned money?  I would

Grond666 #24 Posted Sep 11 2018 - 05:58


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I've been having the same problem with client crashes (on 3 different Windows 10 machines) for several weeks and finally solved it yesterday.  After trying all the things suggested by WoT support (update graphics card drivers, etc., etc.), I uninstalled my AVG Antivirus program (AVG Protection Pro).  Since then, the client has run flawlessly in 13 straight battles today.  There must be some kind of incompatibility between AVG Antivirus and one of the recent client updates.  If anyone else is running AVG, try this and let us know if it helps. 

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