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Do barrel marks equal a good player?

MOE win rate

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SporkBoy #81 Posted Aug 28 2018 - 06:23


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Since I have not even two marked a single tank I'm going with NO. MOE means nothing.

Trauglodyte #82 Posted Aug 28 2018 - 14:41


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View PostiAmEbola, on Aug 27 2018 - 18:24, said:


You may be hopped up on sinus meds, but I read it without my proper recommended dosage of caffeine...once it was pointed out what you meant, i was like...oh, duh.  My apologies if I sounds like I was being condescending.


You're fine, Ebola.  I just wanted to make sure that we were on the same page.  At not point did I take away any semblance of you being condescending.  When it comes to communicating via text, you lose a lot in the process.  Nuance, visual and vocal queues, etc. fly right out of the window.  Just glad that we're on the same page now.


View PostNeatoMan, on Aug 27 2018 - 23:39, said:

LTs are good for that.


We both got similar win rates, so it just appears to be different approaches to achieve the same level of success.


I think that you made a critical point, Neato.  I've been in this game for 2 years, though I only consider myself to have played for a year.  That first year gets tossed out of the window, due to being a n00b.  Anyway, to me, there are three distinct ways of playing this game with skill and purpose:


  1. You play for wn8 - in this way of playing, your sole point of play is to deal raw damage.  Tracking, spotting, etc. are valuable to other stats but they do nothing for wn8.  You're not sacrificing the goal of winning, because doing an insane amount of damage tends to support winning.  But, you're not going to sacrifice yourself for a random teammate.  Damage, damage, and more damage.
  2. You play for MOE - in this way of playing, your sole point of play is to deal both raw and assistance damage.  Tracking, spotting, putting holes in people, etc. all feed the end goal of increasing your % against the norm.  Like playing for wn8, this tends to support winning but, also like chasing wn8, killing yourself for the betterment of the win doesn't achieve the end goal.
  3. You play to win - in this way of playing, stats don't matter.  The only thing of consequence is getting the victory.  Everything that ends up feeding wn8 and MOE are important.  BUT, you'll sit your heavy tank on a corner and be happy doing little to no damage as long as you hold that flank.  If everyone else on your team exceeds your stats and XP, because you did your job to open up those lanes, great.  As long as it feeds the win.  If sitting in a bush and spotting for the team and doing rare damage, if none at all, gets you the win, you succeeded.  Actions that pad stats are great but that is on the back end of the decision tree.  If you see a teammate that just got tracked and is on low health, you'll jump in front to soak/block some shots to keep them alive because more teammates help to win a game than less.


Some of the above came from a controversial comment that Quickybaby made months ago.  He said that he doesn't worry about MOE or wn8 because, to him, it doesn't help him win.  He spoke incorrectly and/or his comment was misconstrued by the community.  But, it had merit.  The problem is that those three means aren't independent of each other and they're not devoid of the #1 reason to play this/any game: to have fun (note: you can play with skill, wrack up damage or not, gain MOE or not, win or lose, and still have fun).  You can emphasize wn8 and still pad MOE and work towards winning.  You can prioritize winning and still do a lot of damage, which in turn pumps up your wn8.


That long winded amount of BS that I just wrote is a way of saying that MOE indicate a small means of showing skill but it isn't the total picture.  Skill4ltu is one of the most entertaining and highly skilled players that I've seen play this game.  His game play is 100% MOE, which is a pun since his goal is to get 100% MOE on all of his tanks.  But, that is his only goal.  Winning or losing isn't a part of the equation and wn8 is something that he hates.  Once he's got 100% MOE, he retires the tank and moves on to the next.  Is he skilled?  Hell yes and he needs to be because it is in his name.  Could he be better?  Yes, if he changed his goal from MOE to wn8.  Does he sacrifice winning at the expense of his MOE?  Maybe a little bit but his actions directly correlate to his high win percentage.


TLDR - all of the levers move in the same direction but at different speeds.  MOE serves as a small insight into the skill of a player but it isn't the end all of stats, especially since a player can be very very good in a single tank and then suck in the rest OR they can simply change their mindset of how to play that tank after achieving a specific MOE goal.  To me, skill is the totality of stats across the entire portfolio of tanks, disregarding the ant hills on the way to Mount Everest (ie. nobody cares about tier 2-3 tanks).  The individual aspects of skill are dangerous to use because of the impact of bias and deviation.

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