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[Suggestion] Let us switch regions WITHOUT downloading the other region!

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The_Illusive_Man #21 Posted Aug 27 2018 - 17:02


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View PostNoivy, on Aug 27 2018 - 12:23, said:

Wargaming already said that region roaming would never be a feature. It's the only time I'll ever take their word for anything.


Drop it.



This has nothing to do with roaming. Simply to be able to switch regions, without installing the full client. And logging in to that regions account....

Dain_Ironfoot_ #22 Posted Aug 27 2018 - 18:48


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View Postkebab6597, on Aug 27 2018 - 14:26, said:


There are thousands of players from Africa the Middle East and Europe stuck on the NA server so it would be much better for them


Right, I understand that... I was asking about other people that just want to switch because they think EU is better for whatever reason.  I don't get why someone would play thousands of games on the NA server, though, without realizing there was an EU server they needed to play on.  But whatever... yeah, WG should just allow people to transfer their account over as a one time thing or something, if they actually live closer to the EU server.

black_colt #23 Posted Aug 27 2018 - 19:51


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View PostThe_Illusive_Man, on Aug 27 2018 - 05:11, said:

Guys, this isnt about a transfer, rather the ability to switch regions without installing the whole game for that region...


You can switch regions without installing the whole game for that region - provided you have an account on that server [region].


I switch between my EU and NA account while running the Wargaming Game Client all-the-time and while only have the NA game installed.  All I did was install a mod from Aslain's ModPack ...


UPDATE: search for [Garage mods] [Auxilium] [Region changer (multiclient)] in Aslain's WoT Modpack from the MOD HUB WORLD OF TANKS


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Kehox #24 Posted Aug 27 2018 - 20:41

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View PostDain_Ironfoot_, on Aug 27 2018 - 09:01, said:

I think with the much higher population you would have a larger chance of having matches with many more horrible players.


smaller population on NA server with wayyyy more ketchup player level ( wich result in fact that your chance to be matchup with banana,green apple,blueberry or higher is way less often )


okai let say :


on NA with an average of 1000 players ( it just an average ) ... you got 80% ketchup , 15% banana up to blueberry , 5% higher ( as exemple )


on EU with an average of 1000 players ( it just an average ) ... you got 60-70% ketchup , 15-20% banana up to blueberry , 10-15% higher ( as exemple )


the average chance to get less experience players on NA is way way more often compare too EU because the population is higher***and in general better than what we have here... ( from my personal experience )


personaly on NA tier 3 up to tier 8 it were the tomato sit in and play like real donkey and suicide or they just bot in a corner the whole game ( that a reality ) and mayby 20% of them is playing arty... i see way more ketchup playing medium and light and be useless the whole game in general.....


Eu on the other hand with higher population the spread( the chance of being matched with them ) between ketchup and the rest.. staying tier 3 up to tier 6/7 ( in average ) mean that tier 8-10 will have more skillful player in overall ... ( that mean not every game will look like a red ketchup army for both side and 1 green each side and 2 banana like we have here on NA )


sure both server have bad players.. that will never change( for now ) ( or until WG change some aspect to be more play for win rather than pay to play )

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ChillYourMind #25 Posted Aug 30 2018 - 16:01


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I also wanted to change to EU server, because i'm playing from Portugal, the only server i can use in NA its Central server, LATAM its complete impossible for me, atlist in EU i can change for 2 difrent servers, when i'm not liking one server, also RU server, as 2 servers located in EU region, but wg doesn't even care about that

PuddleSplasher #26 Posted Sep 02 2018 - 14:47


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View PostDain_Ironfoot_, on Aug 27 2018 - 14:01, said:


That's weird... how did that happen?  I would think after a few hundred matches, let alone 30k, you would start to wonder why you were on the US server when you live in the UK...?


I think with the much higher population you would have a larger chance of having matches with many more horrible players.


Simples! My ex-clan mates from another game are obviously American and played on the NA server. They invited me to join them and I did. In my haste to play a new game I was unaware of cross continental servers. It was only after I registered for an Eu account that I learned the servers are non transferrable. The option was to forget playing WOT with mates and start again on the Eu server or continue on the NA server.


The NA server doesn't cause me lag and I play with a low ping so what was the point of leaving the NA server and starting from scratch with consideration being given to the ammont of cash I inject into the game. Imagine having to leave behind my most cherished T59? :amazed:


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