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reset crew nation change

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Oxy_Clean #1 Posted Aug 28 2018 - 18:19


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There are a number of problems in WOT.  One of the most griped about by the people I interact with is that WG is constantly altering aspects and properties of tanks, NERF or BUFF.  Many players are stuck with researching tank lines and trained up crews that don't get played anymore.  .  


I'd like to suggest a couple of options that would help players resolve this issue.  The first would be making an option to change the nation of crew members for 1000 gold each, that would include nation change and tank training to %100.  Players would have to pay the gold to reset skill reset and job skill.  The second is a game reset for say $200 worth of gold, a player would keep their stats, but all the research they've put into tanks and crews would revert back to tier 1, but all the experience would be stored as free exp, and all the gold that went into paint would be converted back into gold.  Gold that was spent on training crews would simply be lost.  The special crews from tanks like the RU IS-2, Tiger 131, Cromwell B, that came with a free BIA would be kept in the barracks, the female crews would be reverted back to being available to recruit, and all the regular crews would be dismissed with all the exp they had acquired would be converted into free xp.  All premium tanks would remain untouched, but all the regular game tanks would be sold and converted into silver.  Either option, players would have the opportunity to pay WG money and reset their game direction. 

GeorgePreddy #2 Posted Aug 28 2018 - 18:47


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Keep dreaming... won't hurt anything.



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