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Patch 1.1 Bugs and Issues

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__Digger__ #81 Posted Oct 02 2018 - 02:58


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you have a lot of bugs still to work out.1.your camo rating is out in that you can sneak right on a tank in slow mode and he/she will never see you till you fire at point blank range on them.2.when you have a clear shot and aimed at another tank,having him/her dead to rights.only to see your shell just drop infront of them have shielding from star trek,wide left,right or into the sky.3.a lot of cheating still going on.checking the cheat mods on the web.these people have gotten clever and are using a pdf file to use them.you shouls check it out.4.being shot without being spotted by any tank and then arty hits you.move and hide and arty hits you again with out you being spotted.these things make me think that someone who is in wargaming has something going on with some of these players.can't tell they don't,worked in trucking to long to know other wise.a $50 over the phone or in other ways can make a difference......

_CaptainYama_ #82 Posted Oct 02 2018 - 07:59


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I have been having some issues regarding artillery, I have had the issue happen before and have it arise and go away sometimes. However recently, my artillery will be reloading, the aiming circle will be appear on the screen and move as you move the mouse and work how it is supposed to, then when my reload is done, the circle disappears. I am not running any mods so I have no clue why this is happening.

Sherman_Panzer #83 Posted Oct 04 2018 - 14:56


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Yesterday, for the first time in over 7 years of playing, WOT caused my screen to flicker.

When I have the game open, my entire computer flickers. 

When I out the game to sleep (click on the icon in the taskbar), all is normal.


Contacted support, they gave me the usual "run check tool" response.

I did.

Apparently over night, my computer  has become a potato (the flickering started yesterday), and doesn't meet the minimum specs (it does btw)... really?


No mods, all drivers up to date, able to run other programs that are far more demanding without issue, system meets WOT min specs and then some (16gb ram, I5, 2gb vid etc), but according to the Unhelp desk, in the span of 10 hours from when I logged off to when I logged back on, either their specs changed or my computer did.



Rucky_Shot #84 Posted Oct 07 2018 - 07:20


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And here I was just going a bit crazy. (ok maybe I am, but still)


- no sound effect plays when reload is complete (consistent problem, any tank)

- sometimes 6th sense sometimes fails to go off (this may not actually be an issue, you know how that can be, with the delay)

- no damage sound effects play (again consistent problem, but I DO hear verbal announcement of engine/track damage etc)

- sometimes when trying to go from skirmish to random battle, the Battle! button is enabled but does not click.  I have to go back to Skirmish mode and back to Random mode then I can click Battle! and it will work.  The button looks normal, red and clickable, it just ignores clicks until I "toggle modes".

- AS USUAL the buddy list is very unreliable.  getting errors trying to add or remove buddies.  sometimes it works, sometimes it can go for hours without letting me remove someone from my list. (error, try later)  I wonder if this is just going to be a "permanent guest host" problem for WOT?


zhymm #85 Posted Oct 09 2018 - 16:45

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Since the mini-patch on Oct. 8 I can no longer join Stronghold Detachments.  I Just get the endlessly turning gear until the WoT client locks up and I have to go into task manager to kill it.  Random battles are just not worth playing with the current Match-Maker.  So, I log in to play SH's with my clan or as a legionnaire with others.  Can't do that, now.  I even tried reinstalling the game and ran vanilla, but no love.


Also, since 1.1 went in the HD version of the client stopped working for me, I can only run the SD version.  The HD client just locks up upon entering battle.


And add all the other complaints listed above that have not been addressed.



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