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New Tech Trees

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Apocatank #1 Posted Aug 31 2018 - 04:09


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Instead of adding new, isolated tech trees like the most recent additions (Poland, Sweden, Italy), why not start adding new branches to the existing trees? I personally enjoy repurchasing an old tank to go down a new line much more than starting a new T1-2 and playing a whole new line with only one playstyle (looking at you Italy). Being able to pivot from between tank classes midway through a grind is much less frustrating than losing all your progress and starting another line.


Pushing further, I think WG shouldn't be so afraid to overlap countries within the same tree. For example, if there was one "Commonwealth" tree with a bunch of Canadian, Australian, etc tanks, it would serve the same purpose as multiple sparse tech trees, without insulating each new batch of content. This also wouldn't break the "historical" aspect to progression, since you could tie it all into the history of each tank line's development (as a Canadian I know we basically rented our War Machine from those nearby).

_Gungrave_ #2 Posted Aug 31 2018 - 04:12


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They were going to do an EU tree of nations lacking tanks for a full tree at one point. Obviously they went another route which was likely far more profitable.

F1O1 #3 Posted Aug 31 2018 - 04:55


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They have. 

They introduced the FV4005 line for British tank destroyers. They introduced the Japanese heavy tanks, in the otherwise once solo STB1 line. They reworked Maus and VK tanks, incorporating the new Panzer7. They introduced the object 416-K91 tech path, and T10-277 path. The object 705s as well. French came out with the new AMX 51-54 line. Finally, they introduced WZ 1115A heavy tank alongside 113 and have introduced the WZ tank destroyers. 


Not all all the new content are new isolated lines. I am sure new things, like Czech and Italy tank destroyer lines, in existing trees, can be planned and released easily too

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