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Not so Beginner?

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PROXIMAC3NTAURI #1 Posted Sep 04 2018 - 21:40


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I plan on staring to play WoT pc, however I am not completely new to the game, I have a couple thousand games on both console and blitz, I want to know what the major differences are between the games and if anyone can platoon with me and help me get of my feet Thanks and any help would be greatly appreciated.

ArmorStorm #2 Posted Sep 04 2018 - 21:56


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You know nothing Jon Snow!

The games are completely different, the PC version is much deeper and more complex. 


Watch some videos and take your time moving up the tiers, crew skills are crucial in WoT PC. 

Slone #3 Posted Sep 04 2018 - 22:02


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Make sure you create an account with an invite code, that will get you a couple days of premium, some gold and hopefully a low tier premie tank. If not, find a code and make a new account. Starting out you need all the help you can get.


Good Luck

Ta_Hun_Kwai #4 Posted Sep 04 2018 - 22:19


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View PostPROXIMAC3NTAURI, on Sep 04 2018 - 12:40, said:

I plan on staring to play WoT pc, however I am not completely new to the game, I have a couple thousand games on both console and blitz, I want to know what the major differences are between the games and if anyone can platoon with me and help me get of my feet Thanks and any help would be greatly appreciated.

This game is completely different from console and cell phone each tank need its own crew and can only use that tank and a premium tank that is of the same country and tank type skills and perks are completely different as well if you don't care how long it takes the best thing you can do is play a crew in one tank until each member has a skill or perk to 100% then retrain and move the crew up to the next tank in it's line train another skill or perk to 100%

TristanXD6 #5 Posted Sep 04 2018 - 22:23

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Major differences include how the maps are set up and how crew training is handled.


Instead of having a single crew member per tank, you have an entire set of individual crew members, each with their own set of skills and perks depending on their roles (ex. Commander has 6th sense, Driver has Smooth Ride, etc). Learning how to handle crew training early on is important, as it allows you to have a competitive crew much quicker.


Feel free to hit me up ingame, I'd be happy to sit down and go over specifics, as well as some low tier platooning.

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Boghie #6 Posted Sep 05 2018 - 00:00


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Why not learn directly from someone who made the migration about 18 months ago. 


'Winning With WarChild':     WOT PC:  Live Streaming the Suckness Monster!


He was something like a Unicum on WoTB, and is a pretty good player on WoTPC - but, he doesn't seem to know it.  He posts frequently here.  Most of the time when folks ask about the transition I send them to his YouTube site.  He is brave enough to keep those early session on-line.  I try to peruse his site frequently.  And, he got me into my clan - so, thanks if he reads this...


You want to learn.  See the differences.  Watch the early WoTPC sessions.  Then, watch some of his latter sessions.  He has gotten a bit caustic, a bit frustrated - but that is WoTPC.  It is a HARD game.  You want it to be a HARD game.  We want you on that wall.  Uh...



dunniteowl #7 Posted Sep 05 2018 - 18:20


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Everything that will really make a difference to you is in here:


The WoT Welcome Package


 First of all, Welcome to the Madness that is World of Tanks (PC) !  In this Welcome Package you will find:


1) The "WoT Player's Bible"

2) The Prioritization Mantra for Play

3) A short list of "Don't's, please" and a bit of advice

4) Some Useful Links for Learning Things



1)  The WoT Player's Bible


         Battle Mechanics -- Global Wiki  These are the rules of the game, essentially.  It is linked at Vision and Spotting, though you should get familiar with it all.


         Crew -- Global Wiki   The only thing that improves continuously (other than YOU) is your Crew.  Here is their proper care and feeding manual.


The game mechanics are often considered cheating to many players.  The knowledge you gain from knowing how the game looks at you and all other players is crucial to understanding the WHY of all the HOW of ALL the Tips, Tricks and Techniques you will learn over time to improve your chances of success in the game.


Arthur C. Clarke once said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."  The game rules are complex.  The game rules run on math most folks don't get in high school.  It runs on math a lot of folks don't get in college.  So, it qualifies, to most folks, as 'sufficiently advanced' as to be 'indistinguishable from magic' when it comes to knowing what's going on in the game.  So, when they meet a situation they simply cannot understand, they call cheating.  It's about ninety nine point nine nine nine eight or so that it might be you getting pawned by a better or lucky player.  Learn from it.


Learn the Rules.  Become a Magician of the Game!



2)  With all this stuff comes a lot of stuff to remember!  


While you're mashing buttons, aiming-in, waiting for reload, checking your mini-map, angling your armor, getting hull down, avoiding arty, remaining unspotted, etc. it can be hard to stay focused on the most basic things that keep you in the game.  So, from reading many, MANY forum posts before ever posting here and learning from others (who have really good WRs) I came to distill what I consider the Essential or Core concepts in this game from a playing perspective.  In doing this, I came to the conclusion that I needed something to help me stay focused on the primary basics of play that would keep me active and playing, instead of a lump in the corner.



                            The Prioritization Mantra


     Survive (if you do not survive, you cannot)

    Do Damage (if you can't/don't do damage find another way to)

    Help Your Team (if you can't/won't do this, you will have a harder time to)


    Win? (which is never guaranteed)



This handy little mantra will help you to remember what you should be doing at any given time in the match.  It is listed in order of priority as well, because if you can't do one above, you can't get to the next below in the list.  If you are moving and take a hit, what do you do?  Survive!  Number One!  Get cover, get out of the line of fire, survive!


See how easy that is?  It really works and is easy to remember, because all you have to do is repeat to yourself, Survive, Do Damage, Help Your Team and nothing more.  Haven't fired your stick in 30 seconds or longer?  Move, because you are surviving, now you need to DO DAMAGE.  It really is easy, effective and efficient at keeping your head where it should be while playing at all times under any circumstances.



3) A few "Don't's Please" and some advice:  


This game is reputedly fun.  I have found the fun in my playing, but only after a bit of reaching down deep to find my own sense of fun in this crazy, complicated and chaotic game.  I don't normally tell anyone how to play.  Not at all.  I tell folks how I play and indicate that these methods are what took me from a steady 48% player to a pretty steady 54% player in my recents for the last two and a half years.  With my computer and rural wireless connection, so I think I can make a claim of ability.


The Don't's:


1) Don't map spam ping.  This is that super annoying thing that I did when I first started and I see others do it all the time.  First of all, map pinging before the start of match is sheer idiocy unless you ping and type, "I'm going there to spot," or some such thing.


This is NOT everyone's first rodeo and you (no matter who you are) are not Erwin Rommel, George Patton or Bernie Montgomery, so there's no reason to inform everyone what's important on the map to you.  I was told in less formal language and promptly re-evaluated my level of 'superior' knowledge sharing in chat.


Map Spam is annoying for two obvious reasons:


1] It clutters up the chat window and constantly highlights it, making it a distraction to the mind instead of an communications tool.  It also eats up any other potentially valuable information from your other team mates.  It's like the guy with his butt on the mic-key of his walkie-talkie, completely oblivious that he's the only sound ANYONE else can hear.  This will NOT make you friends if you map spam.


2] Again, it creates a distraction


The sheer number of times someone can do this will make others want to TK that spammer.  This sort of distraction actually causes problems for success -- don't be that guy that everyone else hates for helping lose a match by being too communicative.


Considering WHO-Who-whoo is telling you that, you should really think that through.  The NOT QUIET GUY saying don't communicate too much should be important.



     Be really familiar with your Garage.  There are many ways to do the same things from different 'pages' and places in those 'pages' in your Garage.  I'm not sure how it applies now, with the Gold changes due, but you should also always make sure that you're going to buy something with Credits instead of Gold at each transaction where Gold might enter into the mix.


It used to default to using gold, which was how I ended up with none very early on.  I simply didn't know any better.  Learn from my mistakes.





Only learn one or two New Things at a time.  If you're going to learn to spot, then forget about all that armor angling and getting hull down stuff for now, because it will just get in the way.  Spotting is something to learn as well as those other things.  Most times, you're going to be learning all these new things while hitting "Battle!" and playing.  Which is why I developed the Prioritization Mantra.  Trying to learn something new when you're learning all sorts of new stuff is hard to keep track of what you should be doing right this moment.  The Mantra is your guidepost.



4) Some Useful Links for Learning Things:


     In the camp of stuff you have to read and look through I highly recommend you read through these links:


Lert's Collection of Guides and Tutorials

Sask Outrider's Guides and Thoughts


And, while there are all manner of video streamers, YT vid personalities and what not, I consider this to be the single best source of video comprehensive WoT related educational video:  Zeven's Replay Reviews



(more will be added later as I get my stuff better organized)



Other than that, welcome once again and I hope any of this you (and any others) find helpful, useful or of value in some manner for playing.








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Greyhound_2014 #8 Posted Sep 06 2018 - 03:33


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^^^^^ This should be pinned.


Thanks M8

Augustus_Sohn #9 Posted Sep 06 2018 - 03:33

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15k games, 57% WR on Blitz here.


Blitz helped me with weak spot knowledge, penetration, vison, spotting camo and all the other mechanics of the game.


Otherwise, it is a completely different game. Get used to getting nuked from across with map with no knowledge that such is about to happen. In other words, get used to grinding like a mother just to get sixth sense and other crew skills. Esseintially play like you're always spotted.


Crews are totally different here as well. Arty will blow their loads on you the moment you are spotted. Assume you know nothing and the game won't get so frustrating.

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Ericmopar #10 Posted Sep 06 2018 - 06:00

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View PostPROXIMAC3NTAURI, on Sep 04 2018 - 13:40, said:

I plan on staring to play WoT pc, however I am not completely new to the game, I have a couple thousand games on both console and blitz, I want to know what the major differences are between the games and if anyone can platoon with me and help me get of my feet Thanks and any help would be greatly appreciated.


Crew skills matter more here than in Blitz. (although it matters there too)

In Blitz there is no cover and the maps are small.

Here in PC there is lots of cover and the maps have all kinds of traps waiting at the beginning of a game. Learn to use cover.

Don't go yoloing. In Blitz a person can get away with it a lot of the time, because there are only 7 players on red. In PC you have 15 potential tankers on red hiding in the bushes with binoculars, coated optics, Recon Skill, Situational Awareness Skill, maybe camo net on lights and TDs etc.

I've learned not to go farther than about 1/3rd across the maps at the start of a game.


Tanks that are cool in Blitz, suck big time here. DW2 is a stinker here as an example.

Top gun on the M4 Sherman in PC kinda sucks, you actually want to run the 105mm.

Very few tanks that are cool in Blitz rock here. There are exceptions, the KV-1 is still the KV-1 and the same with Stalin's Fist, the KV-2 derpomatic. LOL


Have fun.


Oh yeah. Map Knowledge! Much more important and harder to learn than in Blitz.



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KidK #11 Posted Sep 09 2018 - 01:54

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Go through Enter Boot camp!

3nr0n #12 Posted Sep 09 2018 - 03:01


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Be ready for :arta::arta::arta:  up to 3 arty per side.

xtcmax #13 Posted Sep 14 2018 - 12:56


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sir, use mouse :)

majoir diff :)


most of all, be a team player, communicate with the team.

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782GearUSMC #14 Posted Sep 14 2018 - 22:01


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OP, just dive in and stumble through until you get it down and improve. As bad as 95% of players in the teams are you will hardly be noticed.

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