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[DEV/TOOLS][1.1.0+] Resources/SDKs available for writing mods?

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SteveThing #1 Posted Sep 10 2018 - 03:07


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Hello Fellow Tankers and Modders!


I've been searching the [INSERT_SEARCH_ENGINE_HERE] for a few months trying to piece together a guide on writing mods for WoT. I've had some success in getting to the point where I can get to the python code. However, there's little/no documentation available on the framework of this code. Anyone know of one?


I'm looking for, or willing to start, a single resource of all things Mod Making. Be it reskins, audio mods, in-battle UI changes, integrating into XVM, and so on.


In the coming weeks, I plan on transplanting what I know up to this point or provide links on work others have done.

Coffee_ #2 Posted Sep 19 2018 - 18:13

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I don't do python mods.. I can read it... sorta.
I wrote Tank Exporter. Its a middle ware program for editing the actual geometry of the tanks gun, turret, hull and carriage.
It also has a very useful tool for showing the UV mapping of the textures.


I like your idea of some kind of tree listing of how different scripts work with different parts of the game.
It would be very useful to many script authors.
I can help with most of the details on what XMLs effect the tanks. I'm currently trying to find out how a few people are adding animations to parts of the tanks.


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