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★ Studzianki Guide & Overview [Map Mondays Contest Submission] ★

The Scorpions Den Map Guide Overview Review Studzianki Scopiany Type 59 Scorp Map Mondays

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Scorpiany #1 Posted Sep 10 2018 - 06:03


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What's this? A new map? Alright, listen. Listen to me! Calm down, don't hit the red alarm yet. Not all hope is lost. While you're still reeling from the shock, let's take a look at the map first, and figure out how to play it.


This is a thorough overview & guide to the Studzianki map.


We're going to break the map down into 4 segments, that we'll cover in 4 different sections throughout this guide.


These 4 sections (in order of appearance) are going to be:

  • Factory
  • Middle
  • North
  • Base




We'll discuss how to use each position, the lines of sight associated, and discuss a general overview of tips / tricks / things to watch out for.


Are you ready? Let's get started!




We're going to start off with the most prominent feature on the map - The giant factory in the center.


At first glance, the factory looks tightly covered from fire, and may appear to be a relatively safe place to push into. However, don't be fooled. Most of the cover inside is actually easily destroyed, both by tanks and shells!





All of a sudden, that seemingly covered space looks dangerously open, doesn't it?


So what kind of cover do you actually have in the factory? Let's start with the ramps leading into the factory on each side for some very basic hull-down cover.





These ramps only cover your lower plate. Your upper plate will remain visible. This means that this position is optimal for tanks such as the 60TP and IS-7​ - Tanks with solid upper plates and very resilient turrets.


However, the drawback here is pretty obvious. If you're driving something such as a 113, with a great turret but fairly mediocre upper plate, this just won't be enough. This is where the rubble piles come in handy.





On both sides of the factory, behind the ramps, there are conveniently placed rubble piles. These will allow for both hull-down cover, as well as side-scraping potential. These positions are great for your Chinese tanks, mediums, etc.


The factory does serve a very important purpose for a team that manages to win it however... It provides overview over both the northern and central parts of the map. We're going to focus on how the factory impacts gameplay in the center.





The factory provides several lines of sight into key scouting potions in the center. That means if there's an annoying light or medium trying to extend vision, you'll be able to shoot them as soon as they get spotted. You'll also have a few cheeky shots into the southern city, although these will be far and few in between.


This position also provides us with a great segway to the next part of the map - The center.




The center of the map is medium-risk, medium-reward. It can be crucial for light tanks trying to scout, as well as medium tanks trying to flank around. It also provides various forms of hull-down cover.


Let's start with the basic scouting bushes.


Medium Risk / Medium reward:





There are several bushes in the middle of Studzianki which can be used for fairly effective spotting. They are rather difficult to sneak into, but provide fairly solid vision into the enemy's sniping positions, as well as any pushes they may be trying to start from the southern side of the map.


At first glance, it appears fairly open and dangerous. Well... It is. You'll need to get into the center dip first. Only then, can you begin moving into the bushes without getting spotted.





It is worth noting however, that the central ridges can also be used to spot any scouts that found their way into any of these bushes. If your team has won the ridge, then use it to get into one of the bushes to spot. If not, then stay low until its safe.


Medium-risk and medium-reward is cool and all, but what if you want to live dangerously? Lucky for you, there's also a position for those willing to push their luck and take chances.


High Risk / High Reward:





This position in the corner of the town provides great vision into the city, as well as better vision into the enemy's sniper dens. You can get fairly decent amounts of spotting damage from here, as well as taking the occasional sneaky shot at spotted enemy tanks.


However, be warned - If you get spotted here, you'll easily get shot up. Furthermore, you can get proxy-spotted by tanks trying to push through the city. This is good if you're quick on your reactions and are ready to pull back into the dip... But if you're slow to move, it could spell your death.


What's that you say? You're completely risk-adverse, have no sense of creativity or adventure, and need something with as little of a chance of death as possible? Don't worry, Scorp has you covered! There's one more position that you can use to spot from the middle, although its results are very limited.


Low Risk / Low Reward:





The island position down at K5/K6 is very safe and easy to drop down into cover from. There are also plenty of buildings blocking most of the enemy snipers.


From here, you're easily able to keep yourself alive... But you're also going to struggle to gather up any spotting or regular damage from here either.





All this talk about snipers, but no mention about where they're coming from! Let's talk about the bases and any sniper's positions associated with them.


Let's start off with the most obvious sniper's position.





Both bases have very large and prominent bush lines. This is for the slow, lethargic tank destroyer without any armor. Your Rhm Borsig's will find themselves chilling out here. You have two options here:

 Grab a bear and turn on some television... You're going to be on the news the next day for being silly enough to grab onto a bear!

 Grab a beer and turn on some television... Chill out and camp.


Once your lights / mediums spot for you, you'll have some shots at other enemy campers, as well as any enemy pushes. It's dull and boring, but if you like sniping, these bushes are for you.


If you're more the type to hug your base tightly and closely like a long-lost friend, then you're probably an arty player... And interested in this next position!





From here, you can spot late-game enemy pushes... Or you can chill out as an arty.


Now, I hear you... You love your base dearly, but also have a sense of creativity. WarGaming thought of that, and gave you a gift of... Trees! Trees for days!





If you knock down the trees down at K0, you'll have created yourself a wonderful late-game TD position, as well as a pretty cool spot for arty.


From here, you can get funky shots into any enemy push if you're a TD... But if you're an arty, you can become the ultimate troll by shooting directly into the middle of the factory.


Now of course, camping the base is cool and all... But what if you're trying to capture it? There are several things you should be aware of.





First and foremost, both bases have some cover on it. Obviously, you can just destroy it if you're worried about the enemy team using this to their advantage.


However, if you thought that destroying the buildings is all that it would take to defend the base, you'd be wrong...





You see, WarGaming gave the bottom of the building a solid base. This means that even after you've destroyed every little bit of the building, the enemy still has a little bit of solid cover remaining.


They can use this solid cover to hide their lower plates. This is perfect for Chinese and Russian tanks of course, where the lower plate is the biggest concern.


To make matters even worse for those trying to defend their base, there's a large ridgeline that you have to cross in order to spot / defend the base!





Both bases have a ridgeline next to their Northern side, followed up by a railway further behind there. If you're a more experienced player, you'll notice that the little changes in elevation on the ridgeline do provide a position for you to hull-down. You drive up sideways up the elevated portion of the ridge, and manage to stick your turret / gun over the rest of the ridge without actually showing any of your hull armor.


Now of course, this is only a concern if you're coming from the north of the map...





The north of Studzianki is dull, boring and a campy slugfest. However, this is where you'll find most of your team moving towards. The reason? Easy sniping / camping positions, as well as coverage of the factory.


You see, when most people see the factory in the middle, they'll go for it. The rest of your team will try to figure out how to snipe into the factory. For some reason, many players will ignore the south / middle of the map, even though that provides you with the most potential for pushing into the enemy team.


Let's start off with the most cheesy camping spot of them all...





Wait a second... I thought I was covering Studzianki, not Prokhorovka! As it turns out, this map also has a railway going right down the middle, that allows people to sit in the back and snipe without a worry in the world. This is actually a pretty good position if your team has lost the factory... But please, if your team is still fighting, move closer!


Let's do the same risk vs. reward breakdown that we did for the middle of the map. Let's start off with the least dangerous sniping positions.


Low Risk / Low Reward:





If you spawned West, the easiest low risk / low reward location is over here in the bushes. You can get a few shots here and there, but in general you won't be accomplishing too much... Realistically, this is more of an arty location than anything else.


If you spawned East...





Then you have this rock back here. It's also a pretty slow-paced sniping position. You'll only get as many shots, as the enemy decides to give you. Like I said, low risk / low reward.


Let's step things up a notch, shall we?


Medium Risk / Medium Reward:





Both spawns have an island slightly further forward. These islands provide you with both scouting potential, as well as sniping potential.


In theory, the bushes will keep you hidden... Until you want to fire your gun. You see, while it's great as a passive scouting spot, people will want to use this as a sniping position. Expect to get spotted as soon as you fire your gun.


Think of it as the field in Paris - Plenty of trees and bushes to keep you hidden while you sit there, and you'll occasionally spot an enemy tank on the other side... But the enemy has an identical location, that will spot & shoot at you just as often (or rarely) as you shoot at them.


Now, what if you're worried about all the bugs crawling around in the bushes, and would prefer some sort of solid cover instead?





Then you have a wonderful rock to use of course!


This rock formation doesn't let you shoot at all that much, but provides you a direct counter to enemy tanks trying to sit up at A5/A6, as well as anyone trying to poke through your side of the factory.


But of course, this only leaves us with one more spot to cover...


High Risk / High Reward:





The bushes and trees up at A5/A6 are on top of a ridgeline. If you're a medium tank with decent turret armor, you can use these ridgelines to spot at, and shoot at, enemy snipers / campers.


However, the obvious disadvantage is that they can shoot right back at you... To make matters worse, tanks in the back of the factory will be able to poke you to spot & shoot you. Of course, this means that you can spot & shoot at them too.


And then there are the bushes / trees themselves.





On paper, this looks like an amazing spot that provides you with spots / shots at everything... However, in practice, it's a slow-paced deathtrap. The enemy team will also go to this ridgeline, and as a result, you'll get spotted any time you try to move into any one of the bushes.


If your team can clear out the enemy tanks on the opposite side of the ridgeline, then this position becomes extremely useful. Until then, be very careful with how you decide to move into the bushes.


And last but most certainly least...





If you're playing arty, you'll want to use these bushes. However, if you're playing anything other than an SPG, then please move up into a different position. This spot is only useful for artillery, unless your team has completely collapsed around you.



And there we go! Now that wasn't so bad, was it?


Our prayers have finally been answered, and WG has given us a new map! It's certainly interesting, but shares a lot of similarities to other maps we have in the game. There's a bit of Pilsen, Paris and even Prokhorovka all thrown into the mix.


Do I think it's a good map? It's decent. It's not great, but it's certainly decent if you know how to make usage of the middle and the south. The factory is also a decent enough fight, because of the vision that it can extend.


The thing that bothers me the most about this map, is the entire field north of the factory. It's slow, campy and makes it very difficult to push either the north or the factory itself.


That being said, I'm glad that WG is finally introducing new maps into the game again.



I hope this guide was useful for you and helps you figure out how to play on Studzianki!


This guide is also my submission to the Map Mondays Contest. But fear not! I'll be making guides for the other new / changed maps too! It's just that this particular one was for the contest.


I wish to all of you the very best of luck and fun, both in real life and on the battlefield, tankers!

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TruIy #2 Posted Sep 10 2018 - 06:11


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Very nice :)

korzald #3 Posted Sep 10 2018 - 11:46


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Very nice write up.


I think you missed the south section I like to call the church area. 


This deserves some separate mention and analysis. 


The church gives you good arty protection and allows some poking potential. 

The west side has more solid buildings then the east side. 

The gully can provide some ridge poking potential for good depression tanks. 

From the south area if controlled you can then shoot into the factory or vice versa. ( You mentioned this some).


The_Iron_Bullet #4 Posted Sep 10 2018 - 13:36

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Now I want to play on this map more.

moogleslam #5 Posted Sep 10 2018 - 14:40


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Give Scorpiany the prize already.  Well done.

DomoSapien #6 Posted Sep 10 2018 - 19:00

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Seriously, such an excellent guide. Even if we had more submissions this one would be hard to beat.

MagillaGuerilla #7 Posted Sep 10 2018 - 19:15


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Wow Scorp, I hope they pay you well.

zippychippy #8 Posted Sep 10 2018 - 21:40

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you should have a twitch stream if you don't already


JTM78 #9 Posted Sep 10 2018 - 23:27


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Nice job and good graphics but It does not change that is a garbage map!

Karmadharma #10 Posted Sep 12 2018 - 19:57

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Super job, kudos to you! And thanks!

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