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What would you do with Arty?

Ewww Arty No one Reads Tags Anyways

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Poll: What would you do with Arty? (179 members have cast votes)

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How would you change artillery?

  1. Remove it. (63 votes [35.20%])

    Percentage of vote: 35.20%

  2. Roll back the stun mechanics. (17 votes [9.50%])

    Percentage of vote: 9.50%

  3. Rework it in some way( Please explain.) (30 votes [16.76%])

    Percentage of vote: 16.76%

  4. Not change it, it's fine as it is. (46 votes [25.70%])

    Percentage of vote: 25.70%

  5. I just roll with the punches. (16 votes [8.94%])

    Percentage of vote: 8.94%

  6. Check box to play with/without arty. (7 votes [3.91%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.91%

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Genzing #1 Posted Sep 13 2018 - 02:39

    First lieutenant

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I didn't want to say this, but, please note that, I am not someone who only plays artillery exclusively nor am I someone that has absolute disdain for artillery. I play all classes, if you really want to, you can check my stats, you will see that I play every other class much more than artillery... And that, I'm a terrible player.


What I would want to do for arty is:

1. Reduce the 'shell shock' effect of your crew/tank from 25% to say 10-15%

2. Reduce stun duration for non-penetrating HE by 50%

3. Add a 'siege' mode onto artillery for tiers 8 and above, I know someone had suggested this, but they wanted to make artillery immobile. In my case, it would work sort of like how it works for the Swedish TDs in that it would reduce how fast artillery can move around unless it switches back to 'travel ' mode except it wouldn't decrease reload time, it would only decrease aimtime and increase accuracy by 10%. 

4. Give some artillery a small amount of hp back, this would allow artillery to still retain the 'glass cannon' status and mobility(once again, just to some arty.) which would add a little bit more survivability.

5. Remove the current overhead view that artillery has and add a sniper view with no ability to zoom. This would allow arty to direct fire with some increased effectiveness, but not having the ability to not zoom in would limit how effective self defense is.  Leave trajectory view, but give it a few tweaks because it kinda wants to do it's own thing sometimes, sure it's still somewhat like satellite view, BUT it doesn't allow artillery to simply zoom out and completely see what the enemy team is doing, due to how it doesn't give a complete overhead view, it would allow artillery to still perform it's job. 


Please offer constructive insight in what you would do to arty and please be polite professional in your responses, comments, concerns, agreements and arguments.

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tod914 #2 Posted Sep 13 2018 - 02:41


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6. Reduce the amount per match.  Three is way too may.  At any tier.

NeroGermanicus #3 Posted Sep 13 2018 - 02:53


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Put arty back to where it was and give me my AP ammo back!

scHnuuudle_bop #4 Posted Sep 13 2018 - 03:01


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I want the stun left, the accuracy left, the loading speed boosts left, but I want the damage back.




Fix clickers, TD clickers, one TD per team.

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StoveBolt54 #5 Posted Sep 13 2018 - 03:05


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Restore the average damage or cut the price per shell in half.

Shortcult #6 Posted Sep 13 2018 - 03:07


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Easier to establish fix would be to make a game mode without arty.


More difficult fix would be make each 'shot' from arty actually 5 shots.  Each calculated independently.  Each shot doing 1/5 damage (scrap stun and bring back old damage model).  A tank sitting still in the open is still going to probably eat all five shots (slow super heavies become a higher priority).  A tank zig zagging at full speed has very little chance of eating even more than one shot (lights become less of a priority).  Yes, arty ammo limit would have to be increased five fold.  Really your representing a battery not just an individual tank tho so that is less of a problem.  Going back to the old damage model also gives arty a chance to defend itself once again.  As a personal desire, I would reduce the amount of times arty gets ammo racked, your firing at a battery after all.  If that is not enough in itself to encourage CB again, make the tracers last another second or two.  Along those lines, and because I like to stir the 'stuff', make TD tracers visible in the satellite view mode.  Give arty a reason to look for their own targets more.


The delay between shots would need testing, 0.5 seconds seems too long (2.5 seconds to get all your rounds out) but 0.3 seconds seems to short.  Hey, arty needs new crew skills anyway, let BIA and some other invented skills help adjust your total time on target.


Not sure that would get to a place where the arty restriction per match could be removed.  Whatever it takes to achieve that removal, in my opinion, would be the perfect fix for arty, making it just another part of the team rather than nigh on universally hated.

ArtofTanks #7 Posted Sep 13 2018 - 03:35

    First lieutenant

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I would make it into a game by itself, "World of Arty."

_big_bad #8 Posted Sep 13 2018 - 03:38


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arty is ok part of the game, but you can't have 3 arties in every battle. It ruins the game play. I know there are 15 tanks and % wise that is fair for 3 arties, but if you keep that many you need to rework the game something like repair kits can be used no cool down time, The slower tanks is heavies british td line and others can't fight against them. with the detracts no one will play a slow tank. for the last week I have played and died in the first few minutes of a lot of games all arty kills, they send a fast scout arty shoots detracts I use repair before I move 2 foot 2nd arty hits detracted again and then 3 arties just beat on you till you are dead. This isn't that fun, and it isn't anyway to fight against it. on some maps in my o-I or at8 I can take off as soon as I can and cant make cover before their scouts spot me, so one arty, plz


ruar #9 Posted Sep 13 2018 - 03:39

    Staff sergeant

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I'd remove arty, even though I know that's not going to happen.  Arty just doesn't belong in this game and there's just no mechanic that can make it fun to play or fun to play against.  


Sadly the bulk of the people who dislike arty have already left.

SporkBoy #10 Posted Sep 13 2018 - 03:41


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Just play it. Done.

BillDing1 #11 Posted Sep 13 2018 - 03:52

    Staff sergeant

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Make it not take my tracks off and limit it to 2 per game would prob make them not super cancer. I also like the idea of making them do more damage to hts then lights/meds.

commander42 #12 Posted Sep 13 2018 - 03:57


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ideally it wouldn't need any class wide change just normal slight buffs/nerfs(mainly buffs) to balance individual tanks rather than the class as a whole. 

But if you were to make class wide changes a few ideas
1. allowing arty better able to defend itself but not obliterate from across map, whether that being having the damage partly scaled with distance or maybe in normal view increased damage and decreased damage in overhead view.  Actually i think i like that second part if its possible, would encourage more shotgunning and less shots that require the overhead view.

2. Different shell types, maybe ones that have different ranges, damages, and effects.  I know "illumination rounds" and smoke rounds have been thrown around to camo your own team with smoke or reduce camo with the illumination.  Maybe some type of grapeshot rounds where it is several rounds in one. In addition to the normal HE round they are given.  Maybe to go off idea 1 give arty AP rounds(or other round types) but ONLY in normal view.

Christojojo #13 Posted Sep 13 2018 - 04:11


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Exactly how are arty effecting win rates. Read the stats. The stun does some stunning a stunning conclusion news at Ten.!!!!


How many spgs are in the top 100 win rates?

How many are tier 8,9, or 10?

What is the percentage of spgs in the top 100 winrate?

TOO bad you fake  players erhm arty whiners wont do a lick of research to back your case.

Hurk #14 Posted Sep 13 2018 - 04:12


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1. revert arty all the way back to 8.0 era health mobiltiy armor gun control, etc. (basically really bad TDs)

2. in addition to the currently nerfed damage stun shells, add back their old non-premium HE shells (without stun). 

3. change the HE mechanic for all tanks to the following

  • on fire, HE shells have their current pen. but only until 100 meters.
  • at 100 meters, use the same mechanic for pen loss, but set HE shells to zero pen value. 
  • for Arty stun rounds and all premium HE rounds for tanks, the pen would drop from the highest HE value the tank can have, down to the lowest HE pen value the tank can have between 50 and 100 meters. (shot gunning for full pen, but longer range shots have less)
  • if possible, also cause HE shells fired over 100 meters to air burst 10cm before the target impact point. this will allow for more splash and less cases where hitting a mantlet or gun barrel resulting in zero damage hits. 

4. set the max distance any arty can fire to 900 meters. (arty can no longer fire across most maps and cannot fire corner to corner)

5. set all arty guns to 55 degrees elevation shots at above 600 meter distance instead of 45 degree. this will allow them to get behind cover better for minimal splash and push tanks out. 


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mlinke #15 Posted Sep 13 2018 - 04:22


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Keep stun, give back the damage too. Give back bat chat arty one more shell

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I_QQ_4_U #16 Posted Sep 13 2018 - 05:01


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Give it back it's old alpha and pen under 50m, lower the cost of it's regular rounds and make it's premium rounds worth using. It's only class that consistently loses money at high tiers even with good games and sometimes even on wins without ever firing it's useless premium rounds.



Omega_Weapon #17 Posted Sep 13 2018 - 05:03


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I think the pre-stun era arty was better than the current version, but if I wanted to perfect arty I would create a hybrid between the 2 versions we have seen to date.


For indirect fire, arty would have to enter siege mode first (takes a few seconds). They can turn slowly in siege mode but cannot move until they switch back to travel mode (takes a few seconds again). The aiming time and accuracy can be slightly worse overall, but does not deteriorate as much after you shoot, as long as you do not move your aiming point too much. If you do have to move the aiming point significantly (the enemy wisely moves out of the immediate target area), you need to wait a long time to aim in again. Stun can remain as is, the half pen handicap for arty shells can remain, and HE shells can remain the only option, but specify them as "indirect HE". The buff I would add is a moderately increased rate of fire. I see no problem with the overhead aiming view, so it can remain as is.


For direct fire, arty would have to be in normal travel mode. Aiming time, and dispersion should be improved from what it is now (closer to a poor TD), but no sniper view should be available (arcade sights only for close combat, since self propelled artillery isn't supposed to be too good at self defense). When in travel mode, arty can load "normal HE" which does full pen and normal damage for a shell of that size, but gets no stun effect. They can also have a premium AP or HEAT round available (remove premium HE with exaggerated splash). If you have a "normal HE" shell or a premium shell loaded when you enter siege mode, it will be unloaded and replaced with an "indirect HE" shell. When going from siege mode back to travel mode the reverse will happen with an "indirect HE" shell being unloaded and a "normal HE" shell loaded in its place.

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Gothraul #18 Posted Sep 13 2018 - 05:05


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Give some of them the buffs they need while at the same time limiting them to just one per team as that is all a team needs, three is too many and it is still a cluster Edit due to xvm focus. Playing it again due to the new missions and it gave another perspective of just how bad the maps really are.

shoe123 #19 Posted Sep 13 2018 - 05:15

    First lieutenant

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1. Make spall liner actually do something. And I mean something major like reduce damage by a certain percentage and reduce crew injuries to almost none.. obviously this wouldn’t help general mod damage to the tank...tracks, gun, viewing ports etc.


2. Fog of war in arty mode.


3. real time viewing only... you can only see what’s lit or proxy lit while in arty mode. Meaning if a lite tank going 75kpm skims a hill and is seen and ducks back out of view from all other tanks...well then arty only sees that lite for that brief moment unless it actually lit the tank itself.


4 One arty per match. 


5 Larger maps with more cover to move from place to place


6 Allow arty to go into a type of TD mode at the end to give them a last ditch chance of survival.

7. Allow lite tanks and lite tanks only to target another tank and allow the Arty to see that targeted tank for the usual extra 3 seconds or whatever it is now. This has a cool down period for the lite..


there All fixed

Blazzy #20 Posted Sep 13 2018 - 05:16

    First lieutenant

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I'll always hate arty, unfortunately they'll never remove it.  The damage is in a good place now but the stun is a bit much, in its current state. 


The stun should be based off of how accurate your shot is:

direct hit = full stun, 

miss = no stun

partial damage = % of stun based on % of damage compared to what a direct hit would cause damage wise.


just slight tweaks like the above.  Its pretty stupid when arty is splashing the building your behind doing zero damage but your getting stunned for the full duration...

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