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My proposals for tier 8 American premium TD

USA Premium tank Tank Destroyer

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US_3rd_Army #1 Posted Sep 14 2018 - 21:08


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Once again I am here complaining about the lack of premium TDs for the American line. I have already done a few threads before and I have come to the conclusion that the following two designs (one for the turret line, and another for the turretless line) would be good candidates to become premium TDs. They are the TS-2 and the TS-5


Yes, they're will be a problem with the gun, but if they are changed to the 120mm gun that the T110E5 has, I feel both would be great tanks to become premium TDs for the American tech tree. what do you think of my idea? what are your comments, and if you have your own thoughts on what would a good tank to be a tier 8 premium TD, post them below.


Source: Firepower: A History of the American Heavy Tank, R.P. Hunnicutt. Page 172. 


Links to my previous threads on this subject:




vyle02 #2 Posted Sep 14 2018 - 21:18

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WG will get on that right after they release the IS2M2, IS2P, IS3ABCD, and 18 other Russian heavies rather than a line lacking in crew trainers, other lines we need no more of are, German meds, American meds, American heavies, Russian meds, Russian td's. Can we get some love on tank lines that need good crew trainers...and no the scorpion is not a good crew trainer because it only trains 4, and the HTC isnt really a prem and is a bad tank anyways. 

YANKEE137 #3 Posted Sep 14 2018 - 21:57


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I only object to that stupid .50 cal tumor

GenErwinRommel #4 Posted Sep 14 2018 - 21:58

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wargaming isn't going to put in a tank that can out shine there russian OP tanks

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