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FYI if you are having game crashes

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Das_Reaper_1 #1 Posted Sep 16 2018 - 19:11

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Several months ago a clan mate sent me a gaming computer to replace the slug that ran my game at 6-10 fps.

The game now runs on ultra settings with a great 100-120 fps.


Sweet, the graphics are friggin awesome! Yet it then gave me a new (only) problem that I could not figure out how to fix.

The game would crash at the start, sometimes during or at the finish of a match. 2,3 or 4,5 times in a row then play fine for 2-4 hours then rinse repeat.

I came on the forums and after many suggesting everything under the sun regarding my system, graphics card and drivers (thanks again) the problem still persisted.

So I just accepted this and dealt with it as it would happen with alot of cussing and just reload the game hoping I'm still alive upon re entry.


Just the other day another clan mate suggested, after one of my frustration events as I call them, that he had the same problem until he switched to the windows "borderless" mode in settings

One full day of battles 6 randoms and 62 skirms ... NOT 1 crash ... Small sample size but could it have been that simple?


So if you are experiencing crashes try the windows "borderless" setting to see if it fixes your issue of crashing


Happy tanking  :)


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HOTA_CHATON #2 Posted Sep 16 2018 - 19:15


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Thanks for the 411, never know when that might be a real issue.  I  have toyed with full screen, borderless, and bordered off an on for a few years but still a fan of full screen but this may prove use full.   It probably also helps with frame rates too, if I had to guess but, I am running around 120, maxed out right now.

Ralfybaby62 #3 Posted Sep 19 2018 - 20:17


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Good call!! Was crashing all the time, now crashing none of the time. Praise be!!

That1Villain #4 Posted Sep 19 2018 - 22:21

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Had a few insta-crashes in game and I always run borderless since ts, discord, and music are things. Just started having them today. Cost me more than one game cause tanks don't stop when the client crashes.

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