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IronWolfV #1 Posted Sep 16 2018 - 22:18


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My precious little tier 5! HOW THEY HAVE RUINED YOU! All this needless spaced armor dirtying up your clean lines. WG why did you do this to my beloved little tier 5? I enjoyed my Pz3/4 the way she was, not this monstrosity you turned her into.


Change her back! Or atleast let me get rid of all that extra crap. I want my old 3/4 back! :arta:

dominator_98 #2 Posted Sep 16 2018 - 23:59


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The tank is an excellent tier 5 vehicle, one of the best alongside the M4 Sherman in terms of fun. IMO it's still very good looking, and has the best armor/mobility ratio of anything tier 1-7.


I'd 3-mark it but I never seem to have the time. Some other line I'm grinding is always on-track.

Scorpiany #3 Posted Sep 17 2018 - 01:02


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The spaced armor makes it look better in my opinion... Not to mention that the spaced armor is actually useful at blocking HE and HEAT. :hiding:

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