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50TP Questions

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Zanarkand_C #1 Posted Sep 17 2018 - 12:09


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1- Is the upgraded turret a real improvement? I see it adds 100HP, some view range and side/rear armor. However I think it's larger size just invites easier shots into the side and rear. Also less importantly but sort of a bother is it's ugly AF. Looking at the frontal view on Tanks.GG the two turret appear identical in armor and cupulas. So far I have been using the stock turret because it's smaller size but other then what I listed is there any other advantages?


2- In the benefit of saving time/XP I have yet to research the next engine, is it a worthy improvement? So far the speed of the tank is not really bothersome to me, other then when going up steed inclines. 

Rover1 #2 Posted Oct 27 2018 - 00:42


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The engine upgrade makes the tank's sluggishness slightly less painful. It's a smallish change most of the time, but you do notice it more when going up hill (of course). The upgraded turret seems to be bouncier, particularly from the front. But your hull is still a, big, lightly armored, shell-attractant.

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