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forums and wargaming employees

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DKHitz #41 Posted Sep 25 2018 - 23:20


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and like i mentioned earlier in this topic posting, wargaming has a feature in which a lot of gift cards can be converted into wot gold.

now i have never once seen in the first window everyone gets in which wargaming does its advertising for this and that.  which typically its to peddle some new premium tank or such and just to try to get people to buy premium time thru a few different and rotating corporate whatevers.  never seen a advertisement for their "got a gift card and turn it into gold".

i only stumbled into it by accident when i was playing wows and was trying to find out where i redeem my wot card i had bought.

i dont know how long they have had it going but its been going since i started played wows then wot which is beginning in oct 2015

Hurk #42 Posted Sep 26 2018 - 00:00


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nothing is "plummeting". the game is down in subs. its also 7+ years old. 


lets look at one of the most popular games of all time: 

about 5.5 years was the peak. 


doubloons to gold was discussed, at the highest levels and the answer is, the economies of WoWS and WoT/WoWP are entirely different. so mixing the two is not a 1 to 1 exchange rate. thus, they are kept separate. I best good money they even contemplated breaking off WoWP from using gold, since that game is nothing like WoT as well. 


in fact, astute players know to check the WoWP and WoWS "specials" before buying, because those two games often have better deals to try and entice people to purchase premium time/gold. in fact, the last premium time purchase i did (at 50% off!) was on the WoWP site, not the WoT site. just like people buy the WoWP loot crates to get massive amounts of free exp, because over there its cheap, while in WoT, its hard to come by. 


mixing premium time itself was a fine idea, it gives people an "in" to your other titles. mixing the gold however... bad idea. the game economies do not work the same. 


getting stuck on a single issue like this, and failing to see why what you want is bad for business is exactly what im talking about with players being short sighted. you may know the business cycle, but you are missing the actual reasoning part of things dramatically. 

Wet_Skunk #43 Posted Sep 26 2018 - 00:06

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View PostDKHitz, on Sep 21 2018 - 21:11, said:

i keep getting told that the "sure fire way" to get ideas and such into the "brains" of wargaming devs and those that decide game details, is to use forums.


now if that was the case then why doesnt the devs ever post on forum postings?  it wouldnt take much to show you are actually listening when you add a comment.  it doesnt have to be anything earthshattering but simply make comments on the topic.

but who is anyone kidding, devs arent interested in critical comments.  they want suck up brown nosing ones which say how great and perfect wargaming is at what they do.  and that they can do no wrong.

a case in point, look below when your making a forums posting, original.  you see "attach files"   Used 0bytes of your 500K global upload quota (Max. single file size: 500K)     Trouble uploading? Try our basic uploader


now forums isnt a small bit but rather large and complex so if they can utilize adding pics and such then why cant clans on their webpage do the same?  the only thing a clan webpage "message board" can do is type and even that has a low limit.

brought this up a long while back and recently and guess where that is at.


just something to think on


With all the trolls, malcontents and immature people in this forum.  Each post would be a blood bath.

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