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Unable to fire when in sniper mode. Help please.

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Toad_the_Hobo #1 Posted Sep 25 2018 - 17:38


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I do not know if this is the best place to post this and I know this isn't a mod issue since I run vanilla.  I am unable to fire the cannon in sniper mode and this makes TDs impossible to play.  The only thing that works temporarily is when i check and repair game integrity in the settings menu prior to logging on and I have to do it each time I turn on the game.  In the event of a disconnection I cannot just go back into the game but I have to do the integrity check each time prior to logging in.  Any suggestions would be welcome. 

Insanefriend #2 Posted Sep 25 2018 - 17:55


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I'd say clear out all the settings for the game and re download/install. See if that helps, as it sounds like you have one really odd bug.  Do you have a fancy mouse or key board that can do macros?  As it may be auto sensing you pressing shift and disabling right click for what ever reason.

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Augustus_Sohn #3 Posted Sep 25 2018 - 18:01

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I figure when stuff like that happens to me it’s because I am waaay too badanus and WG is trying to nerf me. You can’t nerf the best*, WG. Nice try. 



(*Notice tongue very firmly placed in cheek)

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4TheBox #4 Posted Sep 25 2018 - 19:11


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You can delete whole WoT directory and install game on other directory. What I mean by other directory is to change WoT directory name slightly.

Then, game will be rewritten on your hard disk. Reinstalling on same drive may cause undeleting previous files instead of rewriting.  

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