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Insurance. Can we get some answers about this?

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Crypticshock #41 Posted Nov 09 2018 - 07:54


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It isn't hours. It PER losses where you finish in the top 5 on your team. Daily, Weekly and Monthly is just a label holding no time constraint. Again, these are getting beta tested so maybe with enough feedback they will change the name to not confuse people.


If you buy 10. Your next 10 loses where you finish in top 5 xp on your team, you will be insured. It could take 10 losses in a row... Maybe you go 45-12 and only 2 of the loses were bottom 10 xp, you get insured for 10. Maybe you do it on one day... or two days or three days. You buy 10 games of insurance, however long it takes you to lose 10 games in the top 5 xp...


At least that is my understanding of it.

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