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What Happened to the German Scouts?

Luchs Leopard Nerf scouting dead?

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AZandEL #21 Posted Nov 14 2018 - 05:27

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View Post4TankersAndDog, on Nov 09 2018 - 19:16, said:

FWIW, the Aufklärungspanzer V is in the game client right now and could be released at any time (same for the T-44lt)




That being said, since it has no 105mm I am a Sad Panda...  :-(


  Yeah the Aufkl Pzr that they took away from many of us who had it for years through successive nerfs and now they want to bringing back as a pay premium. The day they do it I am uninstalling.

dja2112 #22 Posted Nov 24 2018 - 00:38


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Have a pz na that was very good for years, something happened in the last patch or two.  Its unplayable now.  The tank is unplayable for the tiers they put it with.

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