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Preferential Matchmaking Vehicles in Update 1.2

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ArcticTankHunter #81 Posted Oct 10 2018 - 18:55

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If Super Pershing gets 202mm pen. Pershing should get the same. If the M6 Super mutant also gets pen buff. Please buff the T32. All the new super heavies have over 190mm hull weak spots. None of the American tier 8 tech tree tanks can penetrate the bottom hull weak spot with 190-198mm of pen except the TD line.

I've been playing the Pershing alone it already has trouble against the front hull of Russian tier 8-9 mediums in the open. Such as T54 prot, Obj 430, etc.


Even has trouble against the Ferdinand and that tank had flat armour.

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U_50 #82 Posted Oct 11 2018 - 01:29


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I know that these tanks needed buffs, but why does the Super Pershing with pref. MM get better pen than the normal Pershing which has to fight tier tens? And why does the Mutant's 105mm get a pen buff, but the T32 and Chrysler K which both have the same gun are stuck with 198 pen against the fronts of Type 5s and Obj. 268 V4s? I know the pen differences are tiny, but it still doesn't make sense that the vehicles fighting tier tens would have worse pen. Also, there are some tier 8 premiums that need buffs that don't have pref. MM, and these buffs to preferential tier 8s will just make life harder for them. The T34, FV4202, Panther 88 and Panzer 58 Mutz are some examples. 

Silver_Bandit #83 Posted Oct 11 2018 - 02:13


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All they have to do is use their Per. Rating and match up people in skill brackets. move up if you as you get better and move down if you get worse. equalize MM for a better experience. 

Prosqtor #84 Posted Oct 11 2018 - 02:42


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The greater engine power has definitely sped up the SuperP, it was going 30 on the flat for me.  Much better.

Zolann #85 Posted Oct 11 2018 - 22:48


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most of these so called buffs and actually nerfs to reload speed making the tanks even worse with a laughable pen buff and other buffs that a so small it was pointless what you did so all in all it was just to nerf the reloads of tier 8 pref mm tanks while trying to hide it what you call buffs yet if you where truely buffing these tanks then there should be no lowering of their stats in any way just making their stats better and not buy stupidly low amounts that wont make a difference at all and going from 175 pen to 186 will change nothing while facing tier 9s and alot of the super heavies and defenders at tier 8 specially when some of the tier 8 prefs now have pen over 200mm yet there is a tank called the m4a1 rev with 200mm of pen that is just a tier 5 m4 with less gun depression and a stupid long reload and the same stats as the m4 except for more hp and lts depression yet it doesnt have preff mm and gets slaughtered by all tier 8s-tier 10s  its the only tank that has to face tanks 5 tiers higher than it with a laughable 105 on it and since its so huge and slow for its tier it will be out spotted even by tier 7 heavies so all in all this patch when it comes to balancing tanks is just a joke

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TurboBlimp #86 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 21:35


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thegeek2 #87 Posted Oct 13 2018 - 01:50


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Thumbs up from here. I appreciate that you're trying to make tier 8 pref premiums more palatable, and I appreciate your transparency about the process. Ignore the idiots who haven't figured out that the cited stats don't count equipment buffs.

n00bfarmer #88 Posted Oct 13 2018 - 10:46

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View PostKing_Cooper, on Oct 09 2018 - 17:47, said:

Unfortunately, I bought and paid for a 'service'  you can lawyer it up all you want.  I paid for a preferential tank and that is still what I expect.  If they buff it and change it, well pretty [edited], but I understand.  IF they give me my full refund for what I paid originally.  Take the tank and garage slot and give me my refund.


Otherwise, it amounts to bait-and-switch.  


I sent in a ticket asking them if they're going to do this.  Still waiting.  If they don't, I'm done with the game forever.  Period.

I know I still am not very good, but my money is.

WG are a very sneaky bunch. Even if they don't directly nerf a tank, they have ways to "nerf" it indirectly. They can add new tanks and tank lines that are better (power creep) which can make your old tanks obsolete. They can alter maps to favor other tank classes and "nerf" certain tank classes. They can change many things other than that premium tank you bought to "nerf" it without actually touching the tank. Kind of evil if you ask me...


View PostJimmyJimboJimBob, on Oct 09 2018 - 04:08, said:



You seem to be confused as to why people become "seal clubbers".


Seal clubbers are generally cowards who select specific tanks like the OP E 25 (which should have been taken out of the game years ago) and run around in lower Tiers spamming gold rounds in order to improve their WN8 ratings. You are right when you say they aren't as good as they appear to be, or else why use the OP tanks and spam gold. But too many of them can make the game unplayable for those trying to learn. 

The E25 is not that easy to play for the average and lower players (which would be most players). If you think it is, try one yourself if you ever get a chance and see how well you can do in it. If it really is this "OP" beast, you should be winning 60-70% of your battles in it solo without breaking a sweat.


View PostTurboBlimp, on Oct 12 2018 - 16:35, said:

Changes to preferred premium tanks will not change anything... People who play them only play them so they don't see tier X. The ONLY result is these players will now play their tier XII premiums if they aren't too upset and quit the game.

The problem is the crappy 3-5-7 template mm system. Not only pref mm tanks are getting screwed but all tanks in tiers 4-8 are...they could fix a huge problem that is driving players away from this game so easily but they refuse to do it. Their stubbornness will bite them in the [edited]because players leaving the game will equal huge amounts of lost revenue for the game company. There is a link in my signature of some good ideas how to fix the mm system (4tankers link).

The1Retribution #89 Posted Oct 14 2018 - 07:29

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the buffs to the premium tanks were needed, there are quite a few older non premium tier 8s that absolutely need a re-balance since power creep of new tanks lines (jap heavies, italians, new russian lines etc) have caused them to become literally irrelevant. See T32 for probably the worst example its gun cannot pen most tier 9s and 10s with gold rounds, let alone tier 9 and 10 heavies. its always been beyond lackluster. (lowest penning non premium mm tier 8 heavy in the game). so please either buff the gun or the mobility to allow it a chance of getting around some of those well armored heavies or be able to relocate better to get better angled shots.


now onto MM. the problem is the game constantly looks for 3-5-7s first and has no flexibility.  you could easily make it 1-3 top tier tanks, 5-8 mid tiers, and 7-11 bottom tiers.

Also MM should look for any mix of single tier pull games first and not limit them to 5-10. if its a one tier pull you should be able to see for example 9 (Tier VIII) and 6 (tier VII or Tier IX). or 13-2. 2-13 whatever doesn't matter with 1 tier pull games. Better implementation would go along way everyone likes a good challenge once in a while but when you have had streaks like i have had of 15 straight bottom tier games its very discouraging. and for the love of god fix arty. their accuracy is over 50% now and the stuns and module damage they get even on splashes is ridiculous. i think stuns should not exceed 7 seconds when splashed. also  0 Internal module or crew damage possibility when splashed. you should have to direct hit them to take out internal modules or crew. i personally hate what arty have become. i preferred the older style arty where they had to hit you which only happened 30% of the time but when they hit it hurt like hell encouraging players to use cover more effectively. right now with their insane splash radius they can hit the roof of a building and still do 400 damage to you do to blast range. ( i pretty much exclusively play tier 7-10 as i dont want to go down to tiers 3-4 to pub stomp newer players with my 5-6 box crews and the best modules and equipment that many of them dont have. i remember playing tiers 1-4 when i started and spending 500,000 credits on an ammo rammer was impossible let alone vents, GLD, Optics, VS etc). 


so an easy temporary fix until you can fix MM is 50% of the time its going to be a +/- 1 game. 25% of the time its going to be a +/- 0 game(all same tier) and 25% of the time you will see 3/5/7 MM. yes this would limit players from being +/-2 more often so ya you wont have to be -2 as often but the chance of being +2 would be even more rare then it is now and players just need to either come to terms with that or choose to not do anything and leave MM as is.


just my opinion

JohnnyFargo #90 Posted Oct 14 2018 - 17:28


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My WZ-111 is fun again. Super P is back in rotation as well.

Destin65 #91 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 07:22


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I hope that this is just the first very small step of reworking the matchmaking system in this broken game that is still in Beta.

I see nothing at all about player balancing. And you need to get rid of Player Preferential Matchmaking while you are at it. Stop people like Quickybaby, and other CC's, from getting preferential matchmaking that pits them against scrubs for the sole purpose of making themselves look good so that they in turn can brag on the game and cover over the fact that it is still broken and in Beta.

I used to be able to whip any CC or dev that has ever played this game. I cannot now due to their getting preferential matchmaking. So I end up having to play the actual good players while they don't have to. Let's level that playing field before you level the playing field for the tanks.

The players come first, right?

Swingman #92 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 10:54


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I stopped playing WoT last year.  I got tired of all of the nerfs, many of which were hidden or not easily determined at first for some players.  And, newer tanks have much better armor and guns, so, the old tanks, preferential or not, need a lot of improvement when facing new high tier tanks.


MM is another problem.


I am one of thousands of former players that will not be coming back to this game until the game is fixed, especially for PUB games.  PUB games drag everyone stats down.  In large part the "official" whiner boards were listened to.  Instead of teamwork and learning how to play a tank or tanks it is much easier for masses of whiners to complain and the result is nerfs, nerfs and more nerfs.


A few buffs here and there are nice, however, many tanks need improvement.  And, no one in their right mind will look at paper stats and believe them.  For example, some tanks have an armor thickness listed, however, the armor is a bullet magnet because it seems to be made of cheese instead of steal.  I could write a short book regarding the problems with this game.


Please make PUB games enjoyable by changing MM and tank capabilities compared to the newer tanks.   Also, I hate grinding to get a tier X tank only to have it nerfed, or worse, taken out of the game.   Give us a break Wargaming!

hawkversey #93 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 15:09


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Within days of announcing your "Russian refunds" and changes to Pref MM tanks and blaming them for the broken 3-5-7 MM I posted how pissed I was. I know several thousand did as well, I stopped paying and playing within days!!! I still get emails and played maybe 3 rounds since May. You state that you are listening to customer feedback yet I see, You're still screwing with Pref MM tanks against almost every players wishes, 3-5-7 which you stated was working as intended yet after years finally admitted places you in the bottom tier 18 out of 20 rounds is still not fixed. YOU ARE NOT LISTENING TO ANYONE ON HERE, EXCEPT THOSE FEW THAT YOU CHOOSE TOO!!! The few rounds I did play there were barely 6k users on, friends who still play state the numbers are obviously lower on users. I refuse to play much less pay until you get rid of your beloved MM that urges players to pay to win and yet still frustrates. And as promised in my post from months ago if you touch my JT88 or any tier 8 prem I own with the nerf hammer I will never play this game again! But seeing as you are proceeding with that plan I guess this is a good ole, eff off, Im done with you! Listen to that a$$hats!

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