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MASSIVE Lag spikes on US Central server.

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Sord1d #41 Posted Oct 07 2018 - 19:03


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has nothing to do with South America or the LATAM or w/e...has to with wg not having their xxxx together.

Badkarma #42 Posted Oct 07 2018 - 19:09


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View PostGhastly_OwO, on Oct 07 2018 - 04:13, said:

Anyone else getting these? here we have been doing CWs but we can barely play it because everyone is getting 260-600 lag spikes and its making this game unplayable. can we know whats going on right now? and when is getting fixed.

if someone else is also getting lag spikes please contribute the post.

PD: idk if this belongs here but i think it does.

Playing from east coast US I get far fewer issues w/lag on the EU server than on central, go figure.

OlTanker #43 Posted Oct 08 2018 - 15:16

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Had it too. Played on Sunday and ended up just logging off and forgetting playing after fighting it for three battles in a row. So much for extra XP and all. Just unplayable.

Thekilla_2 #44 Posted Nov 16 2018 - 02:57


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Started having lag/glitches of half a second yesterday night,There was almost 20k online on us central!!! This morning maybe 10k and i didnt have any lag/glitches all day.


BTW, my ping stays under 100ms all the time.


Fix please,,, good thing i don't play with premium or else i would be pissed for SURE...

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