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when are we going to get some new Artillery

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RickEdwards #21 Posted Dec 23 2018 - 18:27

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What would adding another Arty really do? How would the new arty be different from the others? Cause right now the arty are all slightly different, but due to how the play style is simply to sit in the back and click on things, there is no real way to make an interesting new arty line that is played differently or preforms differently from the others. So, basically, there is no point to.

starmaap #22 Posted Dec 24 2018 - 04:01


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I think arty has a place in a historical game like this.  However, they are all to overpowered relative to the risk those players have to take in game.

How often are the arty the last tanks to die.  I got splashed behind a building for 300 hp by an M53. Then the matchmaker puts 3 in 1 match 

They say that wargaming is dying.  I'm playing less and less because it is no fun  

Vytone #23 Posted Jan 09 2019 - 17:26


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By all means add more arty, but please for the love of the game, reduce the amount of arty to 1 per side per match. After that add 20 more arty, i don't care.

Altwar #24 Posted Jan 09 2019 - 17:53


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Again, what I think would help are larger maps.  Tanks could make make flanking manuevers rather than getting caught in the same old kill boxes in corridor locations.  Larger maps would make it so that SPGs don't have the range to cover them entirely and would have to advance at times if they want their guns to be in the engagement.  At the same time, larger maps would allow SPGs some space to manuever without being immediately seen so they wouldn't always be pinned to that back row.  These same larger maps would allow the other tank classes that same ability to do some actual manuevers rather than immediately scurry for cover before they are spotted and popped.


Just expanding maps to 12x12 grids gives 44% more space.  Think of what could be done with all that room!  And while that might increase draws slightly because maybe the slower vehicles can't flex all over so easily, I think that would be preferable over getting sent back to the garage in the first 3 minutes. 


And of course, give other nation tech trees an SPG branch because content is king and when there are only 5 SPG branches vs so many of the other vehicle classes, surely there is room to grow.

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