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T32 - By the skin of my teeth


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That_One_Spartan #1 Posted Oct 10 2018 - 03:08


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This replay is a Tier 9 max battle - and things went well to begin, but quickly turned sour.

During this battle, there was one point when myself and a Conqueror were surrounded by 4 tanks (Mäuschen, WZ 1-4, SU-101, WT Pz.4). I had received simultaneous hits from the Mäuschen and the WT, losing my turret traverse and 70% of my health, when the WZ came in for the kill. With my turret jam, and one of two loaders dead, I immobilized him with a lucky shot and threw off his return shot which bounced harmlessly. The Conqueror came to my aid to fight the heavies while I turned around to deal with an SU-101 that was coming in from behind.


My turret was jammed still (see below) while the SU tried to get around the sides of my tank. I don't know why he stopped moving when he did, but it cost him. Support fire came in, and my shot ended him. My turret bounced a second shot from the WZ off the turret bustle, and at that precise moment my turret finally started turning again. Just in time to whip it around and kill the WZ as he carelessly pushed forward and into my gun sight! After this, the Conqueror and I swapped spots once again so he could try to flank the Mäuschen.


In the end, we staved off the attack with supporting fire from some tank destroyers. After this brawl, there isn't much to the replay, but it was intense in the moment. I attribute a lot of this to RNG and enemy carelessness, but this was my first good game in quite some time and I am proud of how I played.


I didn't repair my turret immediately for a few reasons, if you're curious:

  • I didn't want to spend the credits if I was going to die 10 seconds later. As it turns out, even though I survived, I only made a profit of about 3k credits, so it was to my benefit.
  • I didn't think about it in the moment, to be honest. My attention was focused on staying alive.
  • I didn't want to take either hands off the controls to press the 5 key and another key. If I had moved my left hand, my tank (and my gun) would be completely immobile, giving the SU-101 time to flank and kill me. If I had moved my right hand, I wouldn't have been able to pull the trigger and kill the SU-101 precisely when I needed to.


(Just in case you were wondering!)

Again, RNG came through and the enemy grew careless, but as I'm slowly getting back into this game after some time, this was a nice game to really get back into the swing of things. Thinking about all possible options and barely getting through by the skin of my teeth. I was not the MVP of this game (That goes to the Conqueror, in my opinion) but this one was memorable for me!

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