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Multi role crew positions won't take either specialization!? Why?

crew retraining conversion progression role suggestion

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Blackjacx1 #1 Posted Oct 10 2018 - 16:29


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So, this has been bugging me for a long time, and now I'm at that point I'm a little fed up with it.

The game mechanics allow you to train up a crew through a tech tree, and as you progress some tech trees the crews many tanks get smaller, to the point that the crew members start filling multiple roles. The thing that has always bugged me, is why would a you have to prefer one role over another if you are retraining them for the tank anyway AND you are making them learn a whole new role in the tank ANYWAY...

For example a Loader/radio position can only be filled by a radioman by retraining for 500g + 200g(that's almost small premium tank), or a LOADER who then becomes an expert radioman for 200g.... wouldn't it make sense to allow either role to fill the position and could the retraining for the vehicle as par 200g?


Again, this has been a long time coming, I just have had several vehicles at the same time hit this impasse, and I hate the mechanic the way it is now, and was hoping to get any clarity as why it exists... It seems like you should be able to choose a loader or radioman, or whatever the combination is to fill that role.


ALSO- Now that I'm thinking about it, you already take a hit on some trees if take certain skills/perks that later have to be retrained or just have a useless skill... like a commander who was a radio man for a couple tanks trains up situational awareness, and then when they move back to just being commander, no longer get the bonus, so you spend another 200g to retrain skills and perks.... I'm willing to accept this as poor planning on my part, but this also adds to frustration with the crew system.


It seems like the system worked well in the beginning when the primary tanks trees had few, if any, multi role crew, but it seems like it could use another look, now that many of the new trees and tanks being added have more multi-role tank crews.


Any thoughts are welcome. Just peeved and venting, putting it out there to see if anything could/might/may be done about it or if it's still "Working As Intended."

mikcoli #2 Posted Oct 10 2018 - 17:49


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At least WG should have the 50% discount for retraining to a different role much more often, can't remember the last time I remember seeing it.

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