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Tournament Mission Feedback

Tournament Missions Feedback

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Jambijon #1 Posted Oct 10 2018 - 21:02

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Hey Everyone!


I understand that there have been only a few tournaments since we launched the tournament missions, but I just wanted to check up and see how the progress is going with them.  Have any of you completed them?  Do you like having tournament missions as an option?  Anything you would want to change with them?



Tuzban #2 Posted Oct 10 2018 - 21:15


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Some initial comments after playing in tier 4, 8, and 9 tournaments.


  • Blocking damage is really, really hard. While the 10k is a stretch for 'Block Damage II', the 4k blocked for lower tier vehicles is almost impossible. This is true especially when people shoot a lot of premium ammo in tournaments. I wouldn't have this type of a mission at all.
  • Assisting damage is impossible in 1v1 tournaments, and pretty hard in other tournaments as well. It's at least a lot harder than causing damage, but yet the thresholds are half of the damage caused missions. I would lower the required damage for these missions. Maybe cut them in half again?
  • Kills and damage caused seem to be fine, although on the higher side. I'm fine with this level of difficulty, though.


Good job! It's fun to get to try out new things. And who knows, maybe they are here to stay.

ElfMagi2 #3 Posted Oct 10 2018 - 21:15


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I have been in 3 tournament since the start of the missions.

half way on enemies destroyed.

1/3 on damage and damage blocked.

0 assisted damage. Kinda hard to get assisted damage in 1v1 and most small teams stick together so will not get any spotting damage.


Good added bonus but I would not put a deadline on them to complete.

Make it so once you have completed all of them then the missions would reset and start over.

Jambijon #4 Posted Oct 10 2018 - 22:10

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Yes the time limit of 1 month was something we didnt want to do but we wanted to get an idea of progression.  Having them be a seasonal/campaign style would be ideal.  Thanks for the feedback!

makalu2k6 #5 Posted Oct 10 2018 - 22:50

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Mostly agree on the reviews so far. Time line need to be tweaked. I like the idea of resetting once you finish them and take out the time line.


Damage:   Looks good 

Kills:          Looks good

Blocking:   The amount should be reduced. Most people are shooting gold and it's tough to get the high amounts of blocking numbers in tourneys

Assist:       It's not easy to get this done at current levels. Should be reduced to 1/4th or 1/3rd or get rid of it all together. 


New Idea:  You can include wins. 

Gravtech #6 Posted Oct 10 2018 - 23:29


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I've done 3 tournaments thus far with these missions on. I completed "Destroy Enemy Tanks II", 1 tank kill away from the I mission. I haven't even started the Assist II mission. Block II is 40% done and block I has essentially nothing on it. 


IMO  the block dmg, mission for the low tier tanks is going to be seriously impossible unless you get lucky a lot. The armor on everything is just too low for you to get the blocked dmg done. 


The missions for the higher tiers are easy enough if you play the 1v1s (for dmg, blocked, and kills) and the larger team tournaments for assisted dmg. 

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