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KRZYBoop's Used Tank Emporium: Spaghetto, Progetto.

KRZY Tank Sale Progetto Auto REloader Multi-Boop

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Sparkster3 #21 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 03:17


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The x5 missions do not work, they are for some reason for the tier 10 mod.65

nrnstraswa #22 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 15:50

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Nah, too expensive. Gonna wait for a discount on the Progetto. 

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Skid_Marc #23 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 16:28


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View Postnrnstraswa, on Oct 12 2018 - 15:50, said:

Nah, too expensive. Gonna wait for a discount on the Progetto. 


I was offered a 30% discount but alas War Gaming simply do not want my money. I might not play much but my money is as good as any ones. I also read a lot of this forum and see how absolutely unhappy players are with basically every aspect of the game. Do not get me wrong, some seem happy but those who are having problems have to fight and fight to get their problems address. When there is a technical issue War Gaming certainly do not push that information to their player base until so many people are complaining and demanding a fix. Then War Gaming come out of the shadows to say a few words.


I tried to spend my money and War Gaming refused it. That indicates that they are earning heaps. For that reason I will remain a player that plays for free.

Tao_Te_Tomato #24 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 16:28


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View PostGeekBoy03, on Oct 11 2018 - 20:12, said:


As I mentioned above, and it was already asked, The E 25 was in the tech tree for a while. It was causing game imbalance so that is why it was removed. According to game stats the Proghetto M35 Mod. 46 is the second most played game with the Skorpion G being in first place. I am sure putting those in the tech tree would cause another imbalance.


WOT imbalanced????


Shocked, I am, to hear that such a thing might be the case!!!!

GeekBoy03 #25 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 18:25


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View PostTristanXD6, on Oct 11 2018 - 21:43, said:


I'm not so sure that adding the Progetto 46 to the ingame tech tree would cause a huge inbalance. The E 25 and Skorpion G are already in a league above the Progetto 46, so it's not fair to compare them to an Italian medium that's more balanced than those two tanks.


Also, what inbalance are you referring to exactly with adding the Progetto 46 to the ingame tech tree?


The imbalance would be like that of the E25; too many of them were appearing in the game.

Prosqtor #26 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 19:41


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My favorite premium tank.  Fun to play, decent against Xs.

TristanXD6 #27 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 20:49

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View PostGeekBoy03, on Oct 12 2018 - 09:25, said:


The imbalance would be like that of the E25; too many of them were appearing in the game.


If the tank isn't OP, then who cares how many of them are ingame?

Frank_Fitzgeralde63 #28 Posted Oct 13 2018 - 08:33


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Why is it soo expensive ..... almost 50 bucks!! Jeez calm down on the prices poor studs like me are suffering.

Hawk_Eye4077 #29 Posted Oct 14 2018 - 17:12


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Those frustrated with the price or coupon, you have my sympathies.  I'll also be waiting for this to be in the tree and discounted.  Wait for Christmas and see if they do the decoration deal again.  People can buy a package and take their chances with the lottery gifts.  It worked out pretty well for me last time, so maybe I'll get a Progetto that way. 


It's a good and popular tank, but I have other tanks or games I can play while waiting for a better price. 


There's an old coupon topic I started, but it's mostly dead now. 


Crabalanche #30 Posted Oct 14 2018 - 23:06


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Overpriced end of story. We don't need 100 percent crews with premium tanks. 

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