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SPG-12 T55a Help

help spg t55a

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minim8greyhound #1 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 15:30


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Hey guys,

Well, been trying to get the t55a for the past forever. I don't have many WoT friends so I can't rig the missions at 3 in the morning like some others have done...:sceptic:


I am stuck on SPG-12 EVIL EYE basically I need to do 150 seconds of stun damage, allies make kills etc.


But the hardest thing for me is the 150s of stun damage, I have been using the gw panther and the closest it says I got was 145 seconds. I swear sometimes it isn't counting cause I have had matches where almost non stop I would fire and hit and stun and I would still have less than 150 seconds at the end of the match.


Is there an artillery piece or line that makes this missions not so hard?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :harp:

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ZaphodB42 #2 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 15:38


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I finished the T-55a missions with the M40/43.  You'll feel dirty, but I think the American arties are your best bets for stun missions and SPG15.3 because of the large stun radius.


I was grinding the M53/55 for SPG15.3 and finished the mission in the same game I unlocked the M53/55...

Kehox #3 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 15:40

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i did T-55A mission 15 in arta with honnor...


and the only " advice " is ... M40/43 / M53/55*(best one for me, for mission 15) USA Arty



Bad_Oedipus #4 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 15:40


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You want to use a higher tier SPG.  

Remember, for this mission it's better to do 0 damage to 3 tanks than 400 damage to one tank.  You may shoot past a corner of a building, rock etc, to stun red tanks for no damage.

CGC is very good at this as the high arc enables you to land a shell behind a cover tha might be occupied by multiple tanks.  Huge blast radius helps as well.


I finished all SPG missions with honors before stun was part of the game; however, new set of missions has plenty of stun requirements.

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nuclearguy931 #5 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 15:42


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Try shooting at groups of tanks as opposed to just individuals. With a well aimed shot you can pick up 30-40, maybe even as high as 50 stun seconds with 1 shot.


Load the premium ammo for more blast radius.



Good luck.

Danfunnyman #6 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 15:47


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My highest tier arty is tier 7; the Crusader SP makes quick work of most stun missions. For whatever reason it has the best stun in tier but because it’s gun is only like 139mm it has a quick reload too. Of course if you can get higher tier arty then there are better options, but if you don’t want to do much grinding, the Bishop and Bert aren’t exactly much of a grind. 

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heavymetal1967 #7 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 15:49


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Bigger pieces get better stun times.  It's potential stun times so if they kit it shouldn't matter.


It also says vehicles and iirc on those type missions if you hit multiple enemies and stun them those stun times are totaled together.


Consider toting some premium rounds to fire at clustered foes or if you need to splash someone behind hard cover.  To clarify it'll give a bigger radius, but the stun times are the same.


Be selective with targets as heavier armor can result in lower stun times as there is a range for stun times.  And if folks are running spall liners or large med kits it'll cut stun.  Point being on the latter fat slow lumbering tanks are more likely to run spalls and their thick armor can result in lower stun times. 


Also if you destroy a tank you won't stun them, so consider not shooting a tank that is likely a kill shot.   UNLESS it gets counted as potential (tbh not sure if it is or isn't, but guessing it's not) because if I one shot a tank and haven't hit it it'll show zero stun time.   If an ally destroys someone you stun then the full potential is counted same as if they kit.


Here's a bit more info,  https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wot/article/10744/


And good luck.







motoracedave #8 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 16:26

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M53/55 with honors on Malinovka. That hill just prints missions and medals. 

Vampiresbane #9 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 16:28


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Tier 7, 8, or 9 arty.  British or US Arty.  Full gold for max area splash.

Skills/Equipment/Consumables to reduce bloom: BiA, Gun Laying Drive, Vents (if applicable), Snap Shot, Food

Also make sure you have a gun rammer.


#1 overall tip, you have to hit multiple targets at the same time.


This then means you want maps where there's a good chance you'll have clusters of enemies.  Serene Coast is a good example on both flanks.  Abbey, Cliff, Lakeville, Live Oaks, Malinovka, and Steppes can also work.


Oh and go for soft targets when possible as their armor won't the reduce the stun timer as much.  Just don't kill them because dead = no stun.


I'm glad I got this one done.  It's a royal PITA.

dnaman #10 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 17:08


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M53/M55 has gotten me all of the missions with honors through the T55a missions.  It’s a beast.  

Zup77 #11 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 17:24

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I did all the SPG missions for the 55a and 260 using the US SPG's. Either the M40/43 or the M53/55. A lot of changes have happened though in SPG mechanics but I'm going back through the missions now to pick up honors on any I missed originally and the M53/55 has been very capable at completing them.

makalu2k6 #12 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 19:20

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I also exclusively used USA arty M53/55 mostly. Ping me in game if you need a hand in completing the mission.

The_Pushok #13 Posted Oct 12 2018 - 21:50

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I blew through those missions in my SU-14-2. 

Also tagged with help, spg, t55a

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