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Most REPLAYS are NOT recording w/ Oct. 12 UPDATE

replays error update bug identical timestamps

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McSTER #1 Posted Oct 14 2018 - 19:13


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Ever since the 10-12-18 update (well, when it updated for me), replay recording has been buggy. About a dozen battles are recorded with IDENTICAL TIMESTAMPS, then, all replays after that ARE NOT RECORDING.


I went into settings and ALL is selected in recording options.


It's a shame, since I had some good battles this weekend, that I'll never be able to see again. :/

replay issue.png

The_Illusive_Man #2 Posted Oct 14 2018 - 19:16


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I would send in a ticket. Let them know of this bug.

nekojima #3 Posted Oct 14 2018 - 20:57


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The files are different sizes. Have you tried uploading to WoTreplays.com to see which battles they are or re-playing the files? Perhaps when you exit the game, it updates that session's game files?


McSTER #4 Posted Oct 14 2018 - 21:39


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Ticket was submitted

LOST_Taime_Down #5 Posted Oct 19 2018 - 15:47


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Ticket submitted?    People actually believe that they read these tickets?


I too have been having issues with my replays. I recently had a 21,000 Win8 game , but now i cant view it  nor can i add it to my youtube channel.

When i click the replay .... it loads to almost 2/3 , then black screen  , then back to desktop

  When i try to view an OLD replay..... i get the same old message saying "this replay is not compatible with you're version of wot".  

as for SUPPORT ??       WHAT SUPPORT ?  When i went to "submit a ticket" (which is also a JOKE)  , all i get are lists of common problems others are having....  my problem is not in any of these  ....  so i have reached a dead end!

  Just another check mark in the "cons"  side of " should i continue to play this game , or not"!

  I have 53k battles  and LOADS of money spent on this game, yet they keep making changes as THEY want. This is NOT the game i used to play. I am VERY unhappy with the game changes . This is NOT what i intended to spend my hard earned money on. Its on the verge of false advertisement ! ...  to ALL new comers in this game .... BEWARE!!!!  Wargaming makes the rules (and enforce them as THEY see fit) ... what you Actually think you are spending you're money on , is subject to change at any time ....   weather you like it or not. YOU HAVE NO SAY  , IN WHAT YOU SPEND YOU'RE MONEY ON !!!!

WHERE ON EARTH CAN U BUY A PRODUCT ,THEN IT STOPS WORKING THE WAY IT USED TO ...BUT NO REFUND?   i truly regret ever downloading this game. Others may need to consider  what im saying before they make the same mistake i did.

  Another issue i have with this game is the WIDE use of ILLEGAL mods.  I play  alot of arma 3  and they use an anti cheat client called  Battle Eye...  if i try to enter a server with some mod other than the one that is required  and ONLY those mods required..  then i cant connect to that server ....  Wargaming makes ALOT of money .... why cant they protect us but using such a program ?

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