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[1.2.0] Armor Inspector - collision models, internal modules, penetration

armor inspector collision model crew modules pen chances hitskin

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reven86 #1 Posted Oct 16 2018 - 12:05


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Armor Inspector modification (wotinspector.com) allows to understand penetration mechanics and check the collision models of any tank in the game.


Armor Inspector - Confrontation - Super Conqueror vs E 100.pngArmor Inspector - Confrontation - РЎРЈ-100Рњ1 vs Caernarvon Action X.pngArmor Inspector - Cutaway - Chieftain Mk. 6.pngArmor Inspector - Xray - Caernarvon Action X.pngshot_015.png






Main features:
  • collision models (from game resources)
  • crew and modules locations (unique content)
  • penetration hitskin depending on the gun you choose
  • complete simulation of every shot made in the last game
  • detailed penetration information at any given point on shell's trajectory
  • HE damage map
  • calculating potential ramming damage


The modification solely uses game resources and can be even installed on Common Test versions.

Some functions are paid. Purchases made in the modification are synced with mobile version of Armor Inspector (iOSAndroid) and vice versa.



Copy wotmod file into mods/<version> folder

When the mod is installed properly, the button Armor Inspector will appear at the garage right under the tank and above the maintenance buttons. Shots from the last battle are automatically accessible when you open Armor Inspector.



Clicking on Armor Inspector button will bring the app on top. The app is opened in the browser window and the tank selected in garage is loaded into it.

Note: First run may take some time (about 30 sek.)
AdBlock can prevent app from running. (This is AdBlock issue since it is extensively blocking the loading of one of the data files)


Menu on the left allows to select one of the available modes: X-ray, Confrontation and Collision. X-ray shows the armor layout, placements of crew and modules, visual model. Confrontation allows to make a shot simulation and shows penetration hitskins. Collision mode allows to test ramming features of the vehicle.

Additional information on every mode is available by clicking (i) at the top part of the app.

Changing shooter or target tanks, their speeds and ammo type is possible at the bottom part of the screen.

Shots from the last battle are accessible by the button on the right.

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reven86 #2 Posted Nov 08 2018 - 17:18


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• added internal modules for Polish tanks
• added internal modules for tanks Object 430U, K-91, IS-M, Object 705, Object 705A, Object 257, Object 277, Object 268 Version 4

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