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Incoming Halloween mode! Da DARK FRONT!

KRZY Halloween mode Tank event Dark Front

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MikeL63 #141 Posted Nov 05 2018 - 19:04


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It was OK.  Something I did when I couldn't seem to win a battle in pubs matches.

Mr_Tigerr #142 Posted Nov 05 2018 - 19:35


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Boring, so very mindbogglingly BORING!  there was nothing to this at all.  Im ashamed to say i bought lvl 13 after day 5, because i could NOT play that mode anymore.  The bonuses were nice at lvl 13 and i like the camo.  very dissapointing

davidho #143 Posted Nov 05 2018 - 19:53


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it was ok it could of been better but was fun.


Groza_Tanke #144 Posted Nov 05 2018 - 20:04

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The rewards should have gone on for 5 to 7 days after the event ended.  This would have made grinding to the 13th level worthwhile as you would have had a few days to benefit from the rewards without having to spend a lot of time just trying to level up to 13.  I bailed on doing the mode after a few days as it seemed pointless to work so hard to get the rewards and then not be able to have anytime to use them at the end.


xeromorris #145 Posted Nov 05 2018 - 20:06


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Due to having a family and working i had to stop at level 4 because it was already using up any/all my game time just to try and get the next level. What made it worse was that the main reward was exp to “convert” to free exp... 

the whole event felt like there was no real effort put into it at all and they main focus was nothing more than an over the top cash grab via gold to complete the levels because it was monotonous and extremely time consuming, and gold so you can actually make use of the exp that the tank earned.


Was even worse when toxic players decided that it was more fun to screw over everyone else than to actually complete the objectives.


Out of every event WG has done in this game, this has by far be the most poorly executed one.

It had a decent basic concept but thats it, every thing other than the basic concept was boring had little to no imagination/creativity. 


Nothing changed about it. The missions didnt change, the fights were all the same, the “in match bonuses” were mediocre at best. It was basically the same damn thing every single day that just took longer and longer to complete. 


It was like this whole even was thought up, coded and implemented in less time that it actually ran for. 


The very least you could have done was allowed players to at least use their own crews and “accelerate crew training” but then people wouldnt buy and use gold. 

Hell it could of even been an open nation crew trainer that would train any crew no matter the nation they were from.

Ranger3 #146 Posted Nov 05 2018 - 20:06


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I thought the mode was good I played steady over 3000 games to earn XP to get the Tier 10 Italian Med tank. 516,357 credits collected by all the teams of 5. A couple different maps might help. I went the same way every game to gather as much slime as I could. Working as a 2 person team worked against Lights and Med tanks needed more help to handle the heavies. I avoided waking the heavies as much as possible. Auto aim could be added they seamed to have it. Worked my fingers off to earn the Free XP for my new tank. With the XP i already had the on track discount and the XP I earned in Revenant mode got the tank I wanted.

Wear_AMask_iTs_Patriotic #147 Posted Nov 05 2018 - 20:07


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Please make this permanent, There are many people who are willing to dish out 5k gold for 2 weeeks.

cujo101 #148 Posted Nov 05 2018 - 20:31


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What happened to tank hollow from the last couple of years? I think the rewards were much better.


SHISHKABOB #149 Posted Nov 05 2018 - 20:35


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I thought it was cool, and I think you guys should do more with the idea. Maybe like get better tanks as you level up.

FedericoWR #150 Posted Nov 05 2018 - 20:44


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i like the PvE idea specially with a team but only 7 mins of gameplay is just boring, the game mode needs some kind of challenge

mcraig66 #151 Posted Nov 05 2018 - 21:14


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Well it was a nice concept.  And was fun for a while.  Unfortunately there was very little variety in this game mode.  No human enemies that could do unexpected things.  The changes to the Ghost tanks was very minor and slow.  This mode did not give enough variety to keep it interesting for 13 days.  Unlike, the Frontline mode that we keep asking for a repeat of.


Over all nice change Wargaming,  But I would prefer not to see it again.



RighteousMantis #152 Posted Nov 05 2018 - 21:48


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I was not a fan at all of this game mode. Especially playing with random players who would snatch green matter for some reason and then drive off and die without returning it.  

It was much too grindy for the rewards and I gave up on fairly quickly as it was just the same thing over and over and over and over and over. 

The balancing was way off. the undead LT's were overpowered and gave very little rewards.  There was virtually no reason to engage either the LT's or the HT's (as they would murder your entire squad quickly and they were usually too far out to want to re-engage after dying to them.)

It just came down to fighting the MT's over and over again with very little variety.

I HATED the fact that I could not track the enemy tanks.  much of the strategy is removed by not allowing this.  especially since your tanks armor seemed so random/ineffectual.


The only thing I can say that was positive about this game mode, was diving off cliffs for the heck of it. which brings me to my final point:

Bring back Chaffee races!!!!!!


Crypticshock #153 Posted Nov 05 2018 - 21:49


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The event was ok for what it was. Which I assume a test on PvE and how the servers would react. I assume the AI is still taking up way too much computing power if the EU1 servers problems were linked to it. The bots themselves were pretty good. I could bait them into shots easily but they were rather accurate at times as well. They did like shooting corpses a little too much when you hid behind them but a few times I had a bot shoot over a corpse right into my turret. Even the bots in its current form in some type of PvE mode should bring a challenge - There were times the lights/mediums would actually sidescrape.


The mode was lacking, severely. One of the first things I didn't like was the fact there was no minimap which to glance at quickly to see where players are and/or if there are tanks spawned in my immediate proximity. Would also be nice if we seen where tanks have been woken already. I know, I know, "press M or Tab"... I have one hand. I can't exactly circle strafe mediums and then drop the mouse, press tab... then pick up the mouse and continue ;) So many times I would keep glancing down where the minimap is/was.


Another thing - There was no speed OR indicators for auto drive/reverse. They do come in handy at times.


There should have been a team list on the left hand of the screen with the name of each team member AND their current goo and total goo count.


You wanted us to play as a team, right? Well the way the UI was made for the mode was so counter productive. We couldn't even do 1 ping of the map to show what area you are going next. The UI just lacked so much information on your team, the areas they were in at an easy glance. I think I have held the right mouse and spun around to find my team in the mode more than I have even done in the game from 2011 until now.


I hated the speed boosts. Were they meant to be a negative anomaly with their horrible traction? 


EDIT: Forgot. The fact that you got zero credits was a killer for this mode to most, if not all players. There should have been a credit gain for killing/assisting in kills. For one; everyone loves credits and 1-2 premium tank games could get over the daily 75,000 credits for 5 goo games. For two; It would actually give players a reason to shoot the tanks and not just drive around, pick up goo... and then die after they circled back and there was 6+ tanks spawned in their way. (It was a thing that drove me crazy). 2,000 for lights, 3500 for mediums and 5000 for BDR kill/assist that was only get rewarded if they tank was killed - then we'd have the boost to credits after! People want credits and a mode they gives 75,000 credits for 2-3 hours is a total waste of time.


This was just a quick MSPaint...


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jiyang1018 #154 Posted Nov 05 2018 - 22:05


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Worst mode ever.

You think you gain a lot of free xp, but actually, the around 1000 xp number you see is combat xp. It stays on that tank. You cannot put your own crew in for training. That combat xp just stays there.

Combat to free xp conversion ended a week before this mode ended.

No normal minimap, so you cannot click where to go next.

Sometimes 3 dead camps in a row, and 2 minutes passed, you and the other 2 with you only collected under 30 in total.

Essense not appear every battle. Often with no direction indicator.


Final note: good money grabber.

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zuquizu #155 Posted Nov 05 2018 - 22:35


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bored and almost no motivation to continue playing that mode

Road_Kyll #156 Posted Nov 05 2018 - 22:37


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This year it was absolutely disappointing...bored stupider ( had to qualify that word...played long enough for more then a few events) after the first round. No imagination for "Halloween" went into it. It only served to turn EVERYONE into muppets that drive around aimlessly shooting their tiny guns...really WG???? Not enough muppets doing that in random battles already? Instead of paying incompetent devs with zero imagination outrageous salaries to pat themselves on the backs for this overly lackluster event....get them to devote their time to actually fixing the game!!!! It'd be money better spent!!!!!!!!!

PaisleyKnave507 #157 Posted Nov 05 2018 - 23:02


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In my opinion, this was a really bad event. For a game with a healthy amount of developers and a huge fanbase, I think this could be done a bit differently. To start, the idea of PvE was nice, however, it kind of made the game more about individuals rather than the team. Having a team based game should focus more on the team than anything. Look at how Rampage turned out (I never played it but I heard the stories). the battle royale style really didn't do well as this was developed to be a team based game. The game mode I thought was meant to be relaxing rather than super hardcore like in pubs but it ended up just increasing my blood pressure even more than the random battle que did.


The AI introduced for the tanks was a bit wonky at times. I found a way to completely kill a BDR solo by abusing the aiming the bots had. You could get behind a dead BDR corpse and stick out only your gun and a bit of your hull. This made the BDR you were fighting constantly miss because it aimed for center of the hull which was behind the dead tank and we all know you can't shoot through dead tanks. It was extremely dangerous with 2 BDRs but if you were in a 1v1 with it, it worked well. 


One thing I think was done right was the introduction of rewards. having that extra 50% credits and exp helped me to get through a couple tanks that I was stuck on. The downside to this was that I had to spend real money to get it because I'm impatient and unwilling to grind out the reward. I hesitate to say that bond rewards would have been a good idea because those who have more time will get it, but from experience, the players who are in mid to late game don't necessarily need the credits, they need bonds which leads me into a recomendation for next year. Just like when 1.0 was released and that stamp collection mission was put out, there should be a reward for playing the game mode a good deal. Put simply, if the community had collected a certain amount of green matter, everyone would have gotten a bond reward at the end of the event for example. 


In short, I think that WG really did poorly with this mode. It just felt extremely sloppy and thrown together at the last minute with little to no actual effort put into it like me on an essay.

SuPerKen907 #158 Posted Nov 05 2018 - 23:14


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My Son loved this game mode.  As he says, let's do this every year!

albee3 #159 Posted Nov 05 2018 - 23:29

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So we were asked to come here and offer our opinions on the Halloween Mode.


But I have a better idea - instead of we players telling Wargaming NA what we thought... how about Wargaming NA tells we players how YOU thought it went?


Did you guys make lots of money off of it?  Did so many people get bored or sick of playing the mode that they broke down en masse and PURCHASED the "free gift" with real money?


I mean... after all... isn't that what this is all about anyways?  You don't really care if we enjoyed the mode or not... since you are a Corporation, and since the ONLY goal of a Corporation is PROFIT... let's hear the bottom line guys - success or not?  You tell us!!

Lazarus_09 #160 Posted Nov 06 2018 - 00:47


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I binged on it.....Loved it, it was great fun.  Hope it comes back next year!

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