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image 1: https://ibb.co/cJmeQf

The British Legend, the FV215b




Greetings, I'm KenwayGuns, on this first occasion I bring you an authentic legend of World of Tanks, the vehicle that ended the line of heavy British before the update 9.20.1, the FV215b, Tier X heavy tank, recognized by its rear turret, maneuverability and above all for its lethal 120mm gun.

This tank was proposed based on the heavy tank Conqueror, with a stylized silhouette and its turret moved from the center towards the back, making it ideal for sidescraping, but not just a prototype on planes, so it never existed.

In the game, this tank did not maintain the same game of the whole heavyweight branch, since it was necessary to play "upside down" due to the position of its turret, so Wargaming decided to relegate its position to the Super Conqueror that maintains the same style and fulfills its role faster fire tank, so the FV215b won a special vehicle status and those who bought it before the update, would stay permanently with him.



FV215b before the camera:

image 2: https://ibb.co/dxapQf
image 3: https://ibb.co/bEtnBL
image 4: https://ibb.co/gKWky0


There is no doubt, the FV215b is beautiful, it looks everywhere you look, Wargaming did a very good job giving it its more than deserved HD version, as it was one of the last tanks to receive the long-awaited change of textures, thanks the small details of cables and compartments, smoke throwers, viewers, etc.


The British thoroughly:

Let's see what this lone lion offers us, since he is easily recognized for something when he appears in a battle and why it can be a real disaster to give away HP, as well as to literally start the game alone.



Health points (HP): 2500.

Turret: Front = 254mm, Lateral = 152.4mm Rear = 101.6mm.

Chassis: Front = 152.4mm, Lateral = 101.6mm Rear = 76.2mm.



As you can see, the FV215b has the fourth best amount of HP behind the Maus, Type 5 and 60TP which makes you the favorite target of the artillery, it also has good armor, but this is not always the case, many times you will not understand why the nothing until a Tier 6-7 enters you without any problem or that a Jagdpanzer E100 rebounds you, the point here is that the FV215b has both strong and weak points very evident and / or hidden, which will show more thoroughly in the following images:


image 5: https://ibb.co/jnDqy0
Image 6: https://ibb.co/c5CTkf
image 7: https://ibb.co/ga53J0
image 8: https: //ibb.co/evYqy0
image: 9https: //ibb.co/cXHTkf
image 10: https://ibb.co/b8BAy0



The turret is usually very hard even on the side, you must have very good accuracy or that the RNG helps you to give it in the center of the commander's dome, in the chassis, the upper front part at an angle is difficult to penetrate in contrast to the lower front part that is very easy to penetrate if it is exposed, the side spacing is very troll, the HE, HESH and HEAT projectiles have no possibility against it, but the "cheeks" under the turret are extremely easy to point and damage compared to the Super Conqueror that this point is 4 times strong as you can see below:

image 11: https://ibb.co/iUPr5f
image 12: https://ibb.co/bPFaWL


I want to take this space to make a call to Wargaming, that as they did with the Foch 155 and the FV215b 183 before removing them from the technological tree buffen to the FV215b on the sides under the turret, since currently the tank can not leave diagonally without receiving a lot of damage from enemies, and it can not be that the Super Conqueror, being a tank of hills thanks to its excellent canyon depression, do better sidescraping and at a greater angle than its brother with rear turret that was intended for that.




Weight / Load limit: 70ton / 73ton.

Power: 950CV.

Specific power: 13.57 hp / t.

Maximum speed / Reverse speed: 34 km / h - 12 km / h.

Rotation speed: 39.63 grad / s.


When transporting gas tanks on the lower front, it is recurrent that the tank suffers fires when hit in this area, this can be reversed with the ability to fight fires and carry automatic fire extinguisher, if you follow this advice, it will not be the grill from no one

On the other hand, this lion roars !! To have a weight of 70,000 kilos, its Rolls Royce Griffon engine despite not being the best in power and speed, if it is in acceleration and, above all, in the rotation of the tank, with brake skills with clutch, driving out of road, brothers. The system of arms and ventilation, together with the tea pudding, rotates the impressive sum of 49.39 degrees / s, which is greater than the rotation of the Batchat 25T and almost the level of the AMX 30B, and that is only a mass of 70 tons .

As a recurring player of the FV215b, it is fun when medium or light tanks are launched that try to surround you with their speed and maneuverability, but they are surpassed by the agility and DPM that this tank possesses that ends up destroying them.


Detection and camouflage:

Scope of vision: 410 meters.

Scope of the signal: 782 meters.

Stationary camouflage of the vehicle: 6.79% / 1.29%.

Camouflage of the moving vehicle: 4.39% / 0.83%.

Having so much HP, being so big and heavy, has a poor concealment, which can be immobile up to 11.5%, so you should try to be covered with some object or terrain, or not stop to not be covered by the Artillery, which will point you without thinking as soon as the enemy sees you.

The FV215b, can be many things, but blind is not one of them, its base vision range is the second best of the game, behind Sheridan, Rhm Pzw, M48 Patton, M60 and 121B that have 420 m, even exceeds several lights and medium tanks, and with abilities of Situational Awareness, Reconnaissance, Brothers in Arms, Ventilation System, Experimental Optics and Pudding with tea reaches the impressive 539 meters of sight and 1094 meters of signal, not even the stealthy T100LT can hide from this beast .



Caliber barrel: 120mm.

Average damage per shot:AP = 400, APCR = 400, HESH = 515

Average penetration:AP = 259 mm, APCR = 326 mm, HESH = 120 mm

Fire rate: 7.19 shots / min.

Recharge time: 8.34 seconds.

Turning speed of the turret: 35.46 grad / sec.

Elevation angles and depression of the barrel: +15 degrees / -7 degrees.

Speed ​​of the Town Hall: 1,63 seconds.

Scattering at 100 meters: 0.32m.

Damage per minute (DPM): 2877 HP / min.


We arrived at what stands out most of this legend, its precise and magnificent 120 mm cannon, the numbers alone are impressive, but imagine for a moment have a T110E5 cannon, more accurate, which recharges as fast as a medium tank , with better penetration, even better, with APCR projectiles instead of HEAT, nothing escapes the FV215b, is the King of damage in short and long distances, in a confrontation against him, you shoot him once and you shoot him 2 or even 3 times before. can be recharged, so in the past professional players used to take it to their tournaments, the combination of a lot of life, agility, accuracy and damage per minute make this British a lethal weapon in expert hands.

If all this is added the skills of brothers in arms, ventilation system, innovative loading system and pudding with tea, it is even more monstrous! Recharge in the modest amount of 6.62 seconds !, with an impressive DPM of 3624 hp / min, that means you can kill a Maus in less than 50 seconds and believe me it does.

But you may think that you must expose yourself a lot to shoot because of the position of your turret and the poor angle of depression, this is not necessarily so, if you are an inexperienced player, you will eat and eat damage; Do not be fooled, the depression is deceptive and is bigger than you imagine and it is a pleasure to play with this tank in an uneven terrain thanks to its low silhouette, as you can see in this image:


image 13: https://ibb.co/bSAW5f


In addition, its turret turns wonderfully, it can shoot with impunity to multiple targets no matter how far they are, its goal is crazy, the maximum ability is 1.48 seconds, almost as fast as a Grille 15, and its accuracy is 0.29 m . The top is as good as the E50M, a sniper.


Conclusions about the British Lion:


The FV215b is a tank that needs skillful hands to perform in battle, its style of play is very difficult to master, it is a beast that deals damage regardless of where it is and with how many enemies it faces, new players may never get to play with this vehicle, but when they run into him in a normal game most of the time he destroys his excellent destructive power or dies in the first minutes of departure because he does not know how to control it, as I said before, he must have a lot of skill and knowledge on the enemies to take full advantage of this wonderful tank that although it can no longer be unlocked, bought in the premium store or win in tournaments, always appears in a battle at the top of the list, easily recognizable by its silhouette.


image 14: https://ibb.co/hRDerL


If they ever go with a fast tank to face an FV215b, do not approach them alone or kill them before they realize it, they will not be repaired because of their quick recharge, and if they manage to escape they must cover themselves fast, regardless of the distance , the Briton will punish you with his cannon from the other side of the map, he will not have mercy on anything or anyone.


Hopefully Wargaming take into account this review for a small armor buff on the sides under the turret, since it is unpleasant that anything damages you in this area that is not small and also obvious to the enemy, as they did with the FV215b 183 and the Foch 155, I think all FV215b owners share the opinion that a side shield buff needs to be comparable to the Super Conqueror to perform even in Clan Wars.


I hope it has been to your liking, share it, think and if you like to do another, say goodbye to KenwayGuns.


image 15: https://ibb.co/hzRAy0

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