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_BBaby #1 Posted Oct 23 2018 - 16:43

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Good morning!


Got the KV2 R a few days ago and am loving it! I am in a bit of a pinch though trying to pick out crew skills. I have the Bia crew, and am training 6th sense, snapshot, adrenalin rush, safe stowage, and something useless on my radio operator (sorry this is all from memory). I know many people say repairs is a must have for the second (or 3rd with bia crew) skill, but there is several other skills I want before. Mentor is a nice one since I will probably keep KV2 R indefinitely, and I also want offroad for the added mobility. Sadly got the whole ocd deal that in cant train repairs on some crews before others. All at once is the way to go :P


I have my next skill picked out on all my crew members except the gunner. I could go deadeye, which doesnt benifit feom HE, armorer looks nice,  it I can just repair a damaged gun anyhow, and designated target seems alright. Which one would be the better choice?


Also for intuition on 2 gunners... if I read it right whenever I switch ammo types there is a 34% chance that it will do so automatically? So if I dont roll a 34% chance I have to wait the 20 second reload? Seems fun but is it worth it?


Thanks in advance:)

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Isola_di_Fano #2 Posted Oct 23 2018 - 16:57


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this can help



germLukas #3 Posted Oct 24 2018 - 13:22


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Honestly I used to love the repairs skill, but since we can now re-use our repair kits, it’s not as useful as it used to be.

Most important skills I would say is 6th sense (if you don’t have it yet, consider using bonds for the directive), borthers in arms (it helps with everything) and the skills for view range (spot them before they spot you). The rest, you can use off road driving for more mobility and whichever gunner skills you want. I often take the one that increases the chance to damage a crew or module.

Intuition isn’t really useful, especially with the KV-2... I just shoot HE non-stop!

Also, FYI, you do know it’s a premium and you can take any crew from any russian heavy and put it in without losing any crew skills?

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