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Which TD do you think is better? T110E3 or E4?

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sliderone #1 Posted Nov 02 2018 - 03:09


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As above.

_1204_ #2 Posted Nov 02 2018 - 03:21

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Hellcat gang:P


But for real, I think e4 is preferred 

gmotoman #3 Posted Nov 02 2018 - 03:29


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T95-----> 110e3 was the best grind I have ever done.  I prefer the E3.  I ground all the way up to the T28-proto so i will eventually go back and do the e4.  They're very similar vehicles I could never say one was better than the other, just that I prefer to play the non-turreted line.

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davey439 #4 Posted Nov 02 2018 - 03:51


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I have the e4 and tier for tier the t28 prototype was better.  I am at the regular t28 now and plan on staying at the t95. Quite a few 10s are not as fun as lower tiers.  Jp2 was way more fun than jpz100. Rhm borsig more fun than grille 15. Etc

Scorpiany #5 Posted Nov 02 2018 - 04:12


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I much prefer the T110E4. I think of it as an E5 with a giant gun, and playing it as such makes it one of the best suited TD's for any situation in my opinion.


T110E3 on the other hand, is great so long as you can get to a good position, but the lack of any kind of mobility and lack of a turret makes it really annoying to play more than anything else.

____UwU____ #6 Posted Nov 02 2018 - 05:21


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I agree with Skorp. The E4 is more flexible but the E3 is better statistically. Because the E4 has a turret, it is a better brawler. Because the E3 has superior armor and gun handling, it is a very good sniper and is better on ridgelines. I much prefer the E4 on a city map and it's my only 3 marked tier 10 tank so I may be a little biased, but it is what it is. I prefer the E4 over the E3.

Hurk #7 Posted Nov 02 2018 - 06:01


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to me the E4 is nothing but a bad E100. while the E3 is a good JPE100 that has actual armor.

Medicguy2 #8 Posted Nov 02 2018 - 06:05

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I just have the E4. Flexible tanks are more my style, so I don't think I'd enjoy the E3 all that much unless they gave it a decent engine buff. Having said that, though, both are fairly solid tanks. And I've caught glass cannons off guard by the increased damage the HE shells do in the T10 versions of the 155mm guns :trollface:

_JohnWick_ #9 Posted Nov 02 2018 - 17:43

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ya I think the E3 is way superior. hull down and enemies just leave the area.

E4's hatch much like the E5 heavy is too big of a weak spot.

minneerminneer #10 Posted Nov 02 2018 - 17:44

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Depends on the situation if you just need to hold a part of the map E3 for sure hide that lower and nothing is getting through you but if you need to be a bit flexible and be able to carry e4

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