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If you are going to make the game unplayable for so many players, take away penalties for quitting

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RickEdwards #21 Posted Nov 04 2018 - 20:01

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View PostDogg_zilla, on Nov 04 2018 - 17:30, said:


Do you really even play this game or are you just making up numbers so you can argue on your big brother's forum account? 240 cant even pen most tier X mediums from the front. 


The after game stats dont lie. Entire teams are unable to even HIT the other tanks, let alone penetrate them. 


I just had a game where one side EVERY TANK was able to make 3 penetrations or more, but the top tank on my side only had 5 hits and 3 pens. 


RNG is dysfunctional. Its a fact. Deal with it. 




11, 430 of my games are tier 10... followed by 4,508 at tier 9. Those people who can't pen just do not know where to aim; it is a player problem, not a game problem. And 240 pen is more than enough to pen tier 10 mediums in either their underhull, or upperhull, depending on the situation you are in. As for heavies; it has trouble for some, but for the most part, the underhull is pennable with 240 pen. Many tanks I play at tier 10 I do not even load prem rounds into and when I do, it's around 8 or less. Also, I just looked and the AMX 13 105 has 234 mm of pen on it's AP and I have never had trouble penning mediums in the front with that, so once again, those people who can't pen at tier 10 just need to learn the game.

FrDashing #22 Posted Nov 05 2018 - 17:26

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VooDooKobra #23 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 02:33


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I think we need some replays of these games because i want to see if some of these guys getting 2 hits are getting 2 hits on 2 shots then dying which would have zero to do with dispersion or RNG in any way shape or form.  overly aggressive play can lead to low hit numbers but if they only get 2 or 3 shots off thats still a high hit percentage.  yep it is true after game stats dont lie but they can be misread and misused.

TsarCidron #24 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 02:43


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Take the "Tier X" part out, and the standard reply would be "learn the weak spots" .  Dont see why it doesnt apply here.  But, then again, some will rush up the tech tree/line to get to X, and ...leave some learning behind.  Especially if they are used to firing gold instead of learning those weakspots.



Can you show us the replay of the game you are describing, or at least an unedited screenshot of the battle results (well, edit out the names) . Or, shall we just assume that you dont have your computer recording the replays.

Realign_Clicks4hire #25 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 17:18


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View PostDogg_zilla, on Nov 02 2018 - 21:06, said:

Seriously, if you are going to leave the game in such an unplayable condition that even a third of tier X tanks cant get more than one penetration per battle, then just let players quit. 


There is no way that players should have to put up with the game making it impossible to hit or penetrate other tanks on a regular basis like this. 


Im having like a 30% hit rate on recent battles. And I only take fully aimed shots. 


Even point blank are missing. 


And its not just me, a third of the team cant even get 2 hits. 


Fix the game or let people quit without penalties already. 


I feel like a 30% hit rate could be achieved even in a KV-2, full bloom, auto aimed, at greater than 200 m.....  So I did research for science and determined 87% of your tier 10 games are in Arty/FV183, FV4005....  If you're getting a 30% hit rate in those you should probably return to lower tiers to review game mechanics and improve.  This feels like either grossly exaggerated or you're attempting to snap shot red line snipe from 500m.

Copacetic #26 Posted Nov 08 2018 - 23:27


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OP your problem is recently your are playing tiers way over your head..go back to tier 7..youre not ready for anything else

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