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Suggestion for future update

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Samuraijack #1 Posted Nov 06 2018 - 01:07

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Hey WG!!

How about doing away with bonds and giving an extra equipment slot for silver or gold?

Any thoughts and comments welcome.


BillDing1 #2 Posted Nov 06 2018 - 01:39

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Seems like a pointless update :sceptic: why not just make more stuff to get with bonds like random camos / other stuff pref not making your tank better.

thandiflight #3 Posted Nov 06 2018 - 02:04


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Nope. There will be a new campaign in the New Year with the T95/Chieftain as reward - which you will doubtlessly have to purchase for bonds

Wirbelfeld #4 Posted Nov 06 2018 - 03:42


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View Postthandiflight, on Nov 06 2018 - 01:04, said:

Nope. There will be a new campaign in the New Year with the T95/Chieftain as reward - which you will doubtlessly have to purchase for bonds


meh. Im still waiting for the mk 6 to be released

d3xdt3_IRL #5 Posted Nov 06 2018 - 06:35


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This is an interesting idea and definitely would add a bit of variability to the game. 


I've mentioned some of these in other posts, but several things that I'd like to see include:


Additional equipment:

  • Snorkel:  doubles the length of time a vehicle can be submerged or increases submersion depth to 5 meters.  (mainly because this would be fun)
  • Enhanced camo:  provides a +25% camo boost all the time, rather than +50% while stationary like the camo net
  • Narrow track pads:  Enhances hull traverse by some amount (~10 - 20%) but decreases track durability by equal amount  (good for T-95, bad for light tanks)
  • Hydraulic assist turret actuator (bs name, but sounds good)  Enhances turret traverse by some amount


Accuracy and Ammunition types:

  • Ability to hold any type of ammo for a particular caliber gun.  Maybe restrict this to one or two standard ammo types and one premium type.
  • Different ammo types have dispersion modifiers.  HE and HEAT decrease accuracy by 20-30%, APCR increases accuracy by 10-20%.
  • Tanks shooting HE are HEAVILY penalized for not fully aiming on a target (I'm talking at the KV-2 and Type 4/5)

Research for Tier 10:

  • Any vehicle that doesn't already have a module for research at tier 10 should have one.  As pointed out, this doesn't mean that a person would have to research it, but would allow them to if they want a slightly different play style with a top tier vehicle


  • Artillery either needs to return to pre-9.18 implementation, or it needs reworked (again)
  • Artillery should have equivalent hit points and view range as every other vehicle at that tier
  • Artillery projectiles should be implemented as air burst, not ground contact.  This would mean that they are truly area of effect and the damage would be spread across the area of the aiming circle.  The damage received by a vehicle would be determined by the ratio of the surface area exposed to the direction of fire by the total area of the aim circle.  This would allow deterministic and skillful gameplay and reduce the randomness of artillery.


  • While I understand that not everything should be destructible, at least every structure should be.  This is particularly useful for bridges and large buildings.  Bridges could be destroyed to eliminate an avenue of attack and buildings could be destroyed to provide rubble to hide behind for hull down vehicles.  What's more, since the rubble also should be destructible, a tank couldn't hide behind it indefinitely.




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