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dunniteowl #21 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 01:06


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Yeah I did.  Did YOU read what I said, in several different threads?


You are triggered, my man.  The perfect time to step back, take a break and get your head calm.  You know, instead of ranting and raving and gnashing of teeth and all that.  You know, relax?


You're so triggered you cannot take anything that isn't validating your feels.  Maybe you're bouncing shots because you're so upset you aren't aiming that well, or your hand is shaking more than usual.  Or you're so upset at things you have no control over that it's affecting your ability to focus?


All these things happen when the adrenaline gets going.  It gets going earlier and higher when you work yourself into such a state.  This game is exciting enough to me as it is without me getting all bent out of shape from stuff I can't take back, redo or help.  Have you also found this to be true?

Think of those times when the excitement is going, only you feel in control, aware and focused.  Have you never Missed, Bounced or Low Damaged in those moments?  I have.  So what happens next?

Do you spit insults at the monitor and scream, "GD EFFING GAME RIPPING ME OFF!!" or do you recognize RNG just screwed a shot, so, re-load, re-aim and try again?  When it's done it's done and there's no do-overs, take-backs or mulligans.  You have to press on and try again, no matter what -- OR -- decide it's time to take a break and do something else?


Those are really your choices.  I'm doing my best to provide you with perspective from a calmer head.  Take it or leave it.  I hope you take it, but if you don't, just remember -- that's YOUR choice and you cannot blame anyone else for YOU hitting "Battle!" again.  No-one makes you do that.






FearTheBadger #22 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 15:51

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View PostGeorgePreddy, on Nov 06 2018 - 03:44, said:

RNG is perfectly normal for me, I play at a steady 160 ping, very little lag, my well aimed shots all stay inside my fully closed reticle.


Maybe y'all are having some kind of internet or hardware issues.







You say you hit every shot?  your hit ratio is only 58% 

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