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Hypothetically? Why would you or why will you leave WoT?

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ProfessionalFinn #21 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 14:38


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Hypothetically, I will leave when using the internet is illegal.

PrettyGoodShaw #22 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 14:41

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When I finally get fed up with the randomness I guess. I have already taken two giant breaks from the game in the past. After arty got "nerfed" I left for almost 5 months without a match. Now I am basically just going to 3 mark my E5 and then I will probably be leaving the game for another long break till a significant change comes. All my friends have stopped playing at this point like a lot of purple players from days past. 


Thing that really annoys me nowadays is just how awful the game flow is on all maps. Just too many high alpha guns, super camo tanks, even more tanks that fire HE, arty, arty stun ect. You just jumble that all up on maps and it just increases randomness in the game and gives you far more chances to get annoyed. You get all that before you even look at the actual game itself and how it has become a clear pay to win. It all started when they began to intentionally release premium tanks that were far better than tech tree ones. It has snowballed since with what I consider bad move after bad move. 

PunCzarBlintz #23 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 14:48


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When they shut down the servers.

As frustrating as the new campaign is, it gives me something to play for.

Besides, I have a good clan.

Fireplace4 #24 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 15:12

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I just got off the longest break I've taken, and whay caused it was arty focus. If anything will drive me away it's being punished for being aggressive and being forced to cower behind buildings all game. I play tanks to fight tanks not to stare at a graphically meh wall for 15 minutes

NutrientibusMeaGallus #25 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 15:13


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  If it gets stale enough and stays that way I'd leave..... Put a lot of work into the game, I wouldn't want to just put it down unless things got bad.

YANKEE137 #26 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 15:15


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Good grief. I love to complain as much as anybody, but I only see taking breaks.  I still have MOO2 and Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri on my c drive and play them frequently. Pathological I guess.

I quit Blitz after 3.8 but I channeled that rage into buying a PC and came here. I would not ever want to see timers and full time loot boxes here. I guess that would be the kind of thing that would drive me out.

But I don't see it happening.  I have a feeling that in the future we'll be able to play this game in tabletop mode with VR tech that they are already teasing.

As Warchild mentioned, Blitz 3.8 was a disaster. They destroyed that game. Hope they learned the lesson.

Nunya_000 #27 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 15:46


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View Postgmotoman, on Nov 06 2018 - 21:38, said:

The money factor.  From what i can read on the forums and have experienced myself this game really is turning into a cash grab.  Now the only money I give wot is occasionally if I need a boost I'll buy a crap tier 2 tank and get 30 days premium.   I am having a hard time articulating it but basically most of this game isn't worth what they want for it.

Also I might eventually leave because of stat shaming, and all the crap that goes with it.


It completely amazes me that some people believe a game, where all aspects can be played for free, is a "cash grab".  There is absolutely NOTHING that we need to buy in order to play this game.


You do not need premium time....though it can increase to enjoyment of the game.  however, the price of premium time has been the same ever since I started playing this game.

You do not need the newest and shiniest premium tank offered in the store.  If most players are like me, they probably have premium tanks that sit in their garage that see limited playing time.

You do not need gold....though training up crews and having a little in reserve to remove equipment is more efficient.

You do not need to purchase Personal Reserves......in the past, they were given out like candy.  Though that has slowed down a little, they are still able to be earned for free.

You do not to purchase credits.  Credits are very easy to make, depending on the tier/tank played.  Every time I start running low on credits, I can quickly earn about 500k in about 2-3 hours by just being selective on what tanks I play.

You do not need to convert tank XP to Free XP......sure, it certainly will decrease the grind on new tanks, but it is not necessary.  It is a luxury.

You do not need to purchase garage slots, you just need to manage your garage.  I have about 50+ empty garage slots and have never had the need to purchased one just for the garage slot itself.

You do not need to purchase barrack spaces, you just need to manage your barracks a little better.  This might require you to release a crew member that is not being used and has 20% towards their first skill, but I have found that a shortage of crew members is not a problem I have had to deal with while playing this game.


Yes, spending money certain does help ease the pains of this game, but it is not a requirement.  I laugh at those people that claim they are no longer spending money as a method to protest....but yet they still find the game fun enough to continue playing.  Not spending money is only hurting the player themselves and making the game more difficult for them.  It is like saying" "I refuse to use a hammer to pound nails as a means to protest the hammer manufacturing business and will use this rock instead".  Sure, the rock will work, but it will take longer to pound those nails and the final product will likely not be very pretty.


grandthefttankV #28 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 15:48


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_Tsavo_ #29 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 16:02


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View PostgrandthefttankV, on Nov 07 2018 - 09:48, said:




deadizdead #30 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 16:04

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Ain't found no way to kill me yet....

NeatoMan #31 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 18:08


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when I get bored with it

gen_penguin #32 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 18:25

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For me I would leave if they keep on making this game all about heavies and mediums. I play alot of TD's, I enjoy it but it seems with every update they change the maps just a little to make it harder for TD's to snipe. Maps that I used to be able to find my favorite spot and snipe has been changed ... bush taken away, made smaller, hill made bigger so that you now have to sit on top of the hill. Rocks and buildings added to make sure TD's cant have a clean line of site anymore .. all done without a word from WG that they made small changes to maps.

537dL #33 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 18:26


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- audio bugs (no sound when hit and now 6th sense)

- stagnant / power creeped German line

- WG trying to force me to play other lines

Trauglodyte #34 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 19:08


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I'll stop playing when the game runs out of content and/or I have to wait too long to get a match (pop issues).

spud_tuber #35 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 19:29


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RL interferes in some way

I take a break, and never feel like coming back(so far, I think my longest purely voluntary break was about a week, lol)

WG makes changes, or allows in so many bugs, that I find the game no longer fun or unplayable.


The population gets so low that I can't find matches in a reasonable time frame.

WG goes from their occasional flirtation with unethical ways to empty our wallets, and steps fully over that line.

BYK_Chainsaw #36 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 19:51

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View Postgmotoman, on Nov 07 2018 - 06:38, said:

The money factor.  From what i can read on the forums and have experienced myself this game really is turning into a cash grab.  Now the only money I give wot is occasionally if I need a boost I'll buy a crap tier 2 tank and get 30 days premium.   I am having a hard time articulating it but basically most of this game isn't worth what they want for it.

Also I might eventually leave because of stat shaming, and all the crap that goes with it.


   for now I got money, so won't leave for that.

I turn off chat, watch minimap and pings for help and live game info, see ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to have chat on, so for now 

NEVER see stat shaming. 


       1.  I hate that my weak tier 8 tanks has to go against OP tier 10 type  5 and TD tanks almost 80% of the time.  NO FUN

      2.  I hate that I can aim great, and my rounds SO OFTEN just go flying off in such crazy direction.

      3.   I hate that they spend SO MUCH TIME balancing the game to make it fun and competitive, BUT SHOW ME THE MONEY 

             and you can have a LEGAL cheat of gold, increased pen, rounds....pay to win,  unbalances game and is a total downer...

            only thing that saves me from leaving for this, I have plenty of $ to get my own cheat rounds and spam gold as well if needed.


_Kradok_ #37 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 19:55


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- When I stop having fun

- If they ever remove arty

JA_Pinkerton #38 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 20:02


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I have pretty much left WoT.  My disillusionment is due to a combination of many factors :

  • I detest the "new and improved" sound system;
  • Physics 2.0;
  • The Great Rebalancing ruined my favourite scout tanks;
  • I got good enough that I could easily see how bad my team was;
  • I never got good enough that I could carry my bad teams;
  • WoT's community of Drama Queen Gamers.


One eye-opener was when I was describing how I felt about felt about WoT on Twitch chat one night and someone pointed out I basically had an abusive relationship with WoT.  Planetside 2 and MtG: Arena helped get out of that relationship.

Mikosah #39 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 20:04


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I'm already teetering on that line, which is a tragedy because I used to be that guy who had to get every daily multiplier for every single tank in my garage every morning, every day of the week, no exceptions. I was like that because at that time I had faith that WG knew what they were doing and because I had the free time. When I got a full-time job I didn't have the time to do what I used to, and so simply changing gears from 50 matches a day to 10 or so meant that any one match was more rare and precious. Before, I could have a dozen bad games in a row and not care because I could play as long as it took to get a good streak and feel justified. When you're betting on just a handful of matches to provide entertainment in WoT, you tend to be disappointed. And that only started a vicious cycle of playing less and less. 


So that being the case, I wish WoT were less random and more reliable. Besides that, I'm also seeing a disturbing trend that many of the highest-scoring ace tanker matches often lose credits or just barely break even. I get it, the high tiers need to be expensive to drive the game economy. And I also get that at least until WG finally gets around to reworking the ammo system, the high cost of gold shells is the only thing that keeps them from being spammed by everyone at all times. But even in spite of that, it really is a massive downer to see that the hardest carries bleed credits. You'd think there's be an additional earnings multiplier for the best of the best.

owlgator #40 Posted Nov 07 2018 - 20:08


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I'd leave right after people apologized for making false claims on the forum.


I guess I'm here for the long haul...

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