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Hypothetically? Why would you or why will you leave WoT?

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Urabouttudie #61 Posted Nov 09 2018 - 15:19


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Wow this thread is quite the litmus test for fanbois


Thread title: Hypothetically: Why would you or why will you leave WoT? and instead we get 3+ pages of "the game is just too damned great to quit! Anyone new to the forums and not able to recognize all the familiar names here might think the game is just too damned awesome to ever think of quitting it!


Maybe a thread with just the comments for why they left from the 10,000+ players who've actually left the game over the last 2 years...


Personally I don't see any reason to ever quit! The game is awesome AS IS! 


25% RNG - awesome!

Diverse & challenging new maps - awesome!

A growing, experienced playerbase - awesome!

Teamwork in battle - awesome!

Many, many fun & unique game modes to play - awesome!

BOTs - awesome!

Pay2improve - awesome!

Massive powercreep - awesome!

Premium awesome-ness! - awesome!

Devs listen to players - awesome!

Arty - awesome!

MM - awesome!


I mean...the list goes on! What's not to love about this game, right?


ZsaszIX #62 Posted Nov 09 2018 - 15:37


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Limited game modes (Too often many "inactive").

Absurd RNG (@25%)

Power creep of Premium vehicles.

Unskilled player base.

Excessive grind through "crappy" tanks.

Poor customer service.


Das_Reaper_1 #63 Posted Nov 09 2018 - 16:01

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But if you quit what will you do or where will you go to cry and whine? Let's face it, for some of you WoT completes what you call a life

I_QQ_4_U #64 Posted Nov 09 2018 - 18:14


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View PostDas_Reaper_1, on Nov 09 2018 - 16:01, said:

But if you quit what will you do or where will you go to cry and whine? Let's face it, for some of you WoT completes what you call a life


The whiners always find something to whine about though this is by far the worst I've ever experienced in any game.

Altwar #65 Posted Nov 09 2018 - 19:13


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View Postlandedkiller, on Nov 07 2018 - 19:06, said:


Wargaming just introduced it's first tier 9 premium that is purchasable in world of warships called the Jean Bart. It won't be too long in my eyes, until they try that here in world of tanks. They knew that there would be less resistanc eover in world of warships than here I think. If enough premium tanks or ships detsroy the balance at the higher tiers than I am gone. I am already not buying anything else until Jean Bart is gone from the World of Warships shop. It is surprising that noone seems to care that much, at this rate tier 10 premiums will be sold for cash within a year or two.


At $79.99 USD, it's well out of a price range I am comfortable with and even as an uptiered 8 ship, I don't see it being particularly attractive to noob-ish players with a wad of cash to spend.  Time will tell on this I'm sure.


And as far as the thread question, its rather simple: when something else pops up that can command more of my attention than WoT.  So far, 20 different games in my Steam library can't do it.  A stack of unread comic books is unable to do it.  A Netflix queue which is getting deeper all the time isn't doing it.  Only WoWs with its coal earning for Arsenal goodies has a chance, but even that has me just splitting time with WoT.  

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