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Going to put my guides here....

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haxmachine21 #1 Posted Nov 08 2018 - 08:16


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I figured it would be, well, hopefully helpful, if I put my guides in the Guides and Tutorials section of the forums. These guides mostly include tanks that aren't usually frequented by most players, but most of the tanks included are ones that are often difficult to play, and do take a little understanding to play. I hope the guides help...and from now on, whenever I manage (crossed fingers) to 3-Mark another tank, I will put the guide for it here on this sub-forum. I hope you all get something out of the guides, and I hope you all enjoy them. :honoring:

By the way, I only put on the title of 'Unicum' as a reflection of my stats back then. Ever since I came back....I've decided to just have fun, stats be darned. So take the Unicum part with a grain of salt. :)


HT.No.VI guide: Unicum's Guide to the Weeaboo Tiger:



VK 45.03 guide: Unicum's Guide to the Tiger 1 1/2:



M4 Improved guide: Unicum's Guide to the Most Un-Improved Tank Ever:



KV-122 guide: Unicum's Guide to the Missing Link: (<---Between the KV and IS families)



KV-5 guide: Unicum's Guide to the Radio Operator's Personal Gulag:



Matilda IV guide: Unicum's Guide to Matilderp the IVth, Earl of Stalingrad:



TOG II* guide: Unicum's Guide to the HMS Hot TOG:



Chi-Nu Kai guide: Unicum's Guide to the Chi-Nu Kai Improved:


 KV-1 guide (with 122mm gun): Unicum's Guide to the Pre-Pubescent KV-2:



Skoda T40 guide: Unicum's Guide to the HEAT-88:


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