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downtime alert

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mazda2284 #1 Posted Nov 08 2018 - 12:20

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is there any way possible we could get a downtime schedule on the forums or maybe some type of in game notification an hour or 2 before downtime ? i could have swore there was a system for that but maybe i have it confused with POE and EVE which are the other games ive played in the past 5-6years that both for sure have a alert system in game for downtimes so you have time to wrap up what you are doing , make sure your not wasting boosters ect . i see many people complain about booster loss when if we had something to look at that told us prior it would totally be on the user if they pop a booster or not , at least they would have the info to work with , id be happy with a simple forum post with times posted , i play often around the times servers go down and id totally check that daily to see if i had to deal with downtime .
please respond if this is even a possible thing to happen
thanks !

Awestryker #2 Posted Nov 08 2018 - 14:12


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Every time I log in now I get a popup in the garage of an event, like "on track"...I don't know why they could not turn that one message into several messages including any upcoming down time, scheduled or not...

The_Boz #3 Posted Nov 08 2018 - 16:44


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They used to post planned and urgent updates down-times down to the hour, based Pacific timezone (no daylight savings time taken into effect) on WoT --> News --> Announcements or Maintenance category if I remember correctly...

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