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Why can't we have +/- 1 matchmaking?

match making

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Ericmopar #81 Posted Nov 12 2018 - 20:00

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View PostTankKing187, on Nov 11 2018 - 12:31, said:

It is funny every 3/5/7 match up has 7 tier 8 tanks but eg/some saying population cuz that 3/5/7 match up why dont they have more all tier8 battle or 9/8


Frontline proved that to be false. There are more than enough trier VIII IX and X to have more equal matching most of the time.


Flarvin #82 Posted Nov 12 2018 - 20:04


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View PostEricmopar, on Nov 12 2018 - 14:00, said:


Frontline proved that to be false. There are more than enough trier VIII IX and X to have more equal matching most of the time.



Frontline was a special event, it proves little in relation to queue numbers for random battle matches. 

VooDooKobra #83 Posted Nov 12 2018 - 20:18


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View PostAdmiralDrake, on Nov 12 2018 - 10:54, said:


Lol stop at t7? Do you even play this game? T7 is the worst tier, it sees T9 and has relatively crap firepower in comparison by far. Yes it can see t5s but from my experience it gets uptiered a lot more. T8s is weird in that it can be top tier a lot at different times. But during prime time it usually is bottom tier.


T9s are pretty insane to beat up on t7s like the T95, T30, Obj 257, 430, Standard B etc. Every tier has a round of a few tanks that just completely trash lower tier tanks. Take the O-I, KV-2, M44 and their ability to 1 shot most things their tier and even t7s. I just listed a couple tanks as a few examples. 3/5/7 craps on anything not t10. I just got a Standard B and I just run around clipping any t7 tank I want.


View PostFlarvin, on Nov 12 2018 - 11:50, said:




Many players want those OP tanks, so why would they stop at tier 7? 


Simply get the OP defender and grind free xp to convert, for use in getting those OP tier 10s.


ya what i typed made more sense when i first typed it, what i meant though in response to the first post was if a person is so worried about meeting certain tier 10 tanks then wouldnt it make sense to not play tiers that can see those tanks?  but i realize my post was poorly thought out, sorry

Hellsfog #84 Posted Yesterday, 01:40 AM


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View PostAdmiralDrake, on Nov 12 2018 - 10:46, said:


I believe the opposite.


3/5/7 is presently more unfair due to powercreep in comparison to whatever MM spat out before templates. Powercreep and WGs balancing department or lackthereof is the reason why MM is so presently garbage. WG keeps releasing broken stuff like 430U, 268v4, Defender/252. We didn't have to deal with all these broken stuff previously with old MM.


I'm guessing the 3/5/7 is a ploy to get people to freexp and get to the highest tier as possible. Great for short term but horrible for player retention.


I hear what you are saying. At least 3/5/7 balances tanks by tier, type and somewhat by class. MM used to produce, for example, a team with 5 super heavies on himmelderp against a team with one heavy, 3 mediums and a light tank (again, only an example). While now that does not generally happen. It got rid of one team having more tier 10s than the other. 

Tier 8 seems to have a lot of power creep as well as tier 10.  WG's rationale seems to be that a tier 8 will see tier 10 so buff cause if you don't nobody will buy it. But I don't know how that makes being a tier 8 now more painful than being a tier 8 in a 7/5/3 match (for example). 

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