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MM and Light Tanks Since 9.18

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JTM78 #1 Posted Nov 08 2018 - 18:35


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WoT said something along the line of light tanks were rebalanced because they would not have to fight two tier higher all the time. Well since 9.18 my light tanks are bottom tier a good 92% of the time. My tier 8 lights are being out spotted by tier 9 mediums and even tier X heavies! My lower tier lights also suffer from the bad MM and lack of view range/camo to be a proper scout since 9.18. Either increase the view range of light tanks or nurf the view range of all other classes!

When will Light tanks be given back their scouting role?

24_inch_pythons #2 Posted Nov 08 2018 - 18:40


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 I would be up for increasing the view range of light tanks by 10m each, I think this is a good idea.


 If you are getting out spotted regularly you're doing it wrong.

 And light tanks never used to be able to be top tier and still fought two tiers higher beyond that, i.e. a Tier V scout was guaranteed to never be in a Tier V match, the minimum MM they could get was Tier VI and they would see Tier VIII tanks. 

dont_ping_me #3 Posted Nov 08 2018 - 18:50


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I agree they need a little loving, and yes they are bottom tier most of the time, just like all other mid tier tanks right now.


I don't remember them ever saying that they would never have to fight +2 all the time. They did change light tanks from +3 to +2, but then they up-tiered the lights so they were still seeing the same higher tier tanks as they were before.



Given the fact how bad MM is right now, I would much rather be bottom tier in a light tank than a heavy tank. At least on some maps you can still be very effective, and you have a much better chance of running away from a bad situation.


Since they have less HP, armor, alpha, pen than even the same tier tanks they are fighting, they should at least have the best base view range out of any class.

Jesse_the_Scout #4 Posted Nov 08 2018 - 19:28


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The entire view range scaling of the game would have to change to cap view ranges at maybe 380m. The maps are way too small for 400m+ base view range values, pop some binocs in a bush and now you lock half the map down from any movement. Scouting will always be a minor thing as long as you have to somehow find a perfect sweet spot of 360m-400m from an average target to spot it without it spotting you.

Mikosah #5 Posted Nov 08 2018 - 19:43


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Or to put it another way, the current balancing scheme gives most light tanks little if any view range advantage over their own tier and the small edge in camo on the move. There's a very narrow margin of possible distances in which a light tank can spot an enemy without being spotted in return. Any closer, and he gets spotted regardless. Any further, and he doesn't spot the enemy in the first place. The solution is to go full passive, but not only does that negate the lights' one unique trait of camo on the move, its also seldom effective in the current map rotation.


The old scheme where tier 5 lights had to scout in tier 10 games had its own share of problems- the lights had zero solo-carry potential, they were extremely team-dependent, being 'top tier' scouts meant that their income sucked, and the role itself was extremely risky. It often only took one shot for the enemy to kill a scout. But remember what that scheme actually did well- lights had a clear and distinct role, and they were actually well suited for the role. 


We could have the best of both worlds if the lights were good enough at scouting to be worth playing like a scout, and if the meta favored scouting to begin with. The current lights could go a number of different ways. Simply buffing view range is one valid answer, as is buffing camo or giving lights greater resistance to tipping and fall damage. Plan B would be deliberately balance the wheeled lights to be dedicated scouts while the tracked lights (at least some of them) could be reworked to be dedicated flankers/cavalry. Very high DPM, good gun handling on the move, but very low penetration. Almost akin to the low tier autocannons that are extremely dangerous but only so if they can get behind you. 

BillDing1 #6 Posted Nov 08 2018 - 20:25

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All the tier 8 lights I've played seem fine to me. The only time I feel issues with being out-spotted is campers with binos. :sceptic: 

Pipinghot #7 Posted Nov 08 2018 - 23:56


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View PostJTM78, on Nov 08 2018 - 12:35, said:

WoT said something along the line of light tanks were rebalanced because they would not have to fight two tier higher all the time.

No. They were reblanced because they would no longer have to see +3 and +4 tiers, WG said nothing at all about +2 tiers.


I'm not saying that you have to like the current way that light tanks are balanced, but it's important that you understand the real reason they were changed.

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