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Why ?

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_Steel_Casket_ #21 Posted Nov 15 2018 - 00:00


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Danadae #22 Posted Nov 15 2018 - 05:52


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It's the year 2018 people. I can't believe we still have ammunition in this game that is blatantly sexist. "HE?" Why not "SHE?" Or "ZE" and "ZHE" for that matter? Every time I see the abbreviation for this ammo type, and ESPECIALLY when I get shot by it, I am instantly triggered. My safe space is being INVADED and my eyes are practically being r@ped each and every time it happens. I demand reform and changes be made to accommodate my very specific and challenging personal needs. If not I will make loud noises and destroy someone else's property until I get what I want. Your move, capitalists.

*This message has been approved by the DNC.

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